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Ross County – Teen Arrested after Threats to School, Detectives Find Stolen Gun


Ross County – A teen is in custody under serious charges after his girlfriend told law enforcement he was going to shoot up the school

According to the Ross County Sheriff’s Office, they were called to Pleasant Valley Road to the Unioto High School for reports of an ex-boyfriend threatening to shoot her and the school.

Statements from the juvenile girl said that the ex-boyfriend threatened to shoot her and the high school up.

Investigators went to the home of the 16-year-old ex-boyfriend and shortly after they arrived the guardian of the child arrived at the home. The young male admitted to the threats but said they were in retaliation for her threatening him over the phone during the breakup. When questioned about being in possession of a gun, the guardian said that she was a felon and couldn’t not possess guns so she was not aware of anything in the home.

After getting permission to search the boy’s room a round for a gun was found in one of the drawers, when confronted with the bullet the teen came clean and pulled a gun from under a mattress. The gun a Taurus 9mm G2C he told police was stolen from his Grandparent’s house.

Investigators questioned the grandparents who said that they had no knowledge of the handgun leaving their home.

The teen was then transported to JDC and charged with grand theft of a Firearm a felony, and one could of menacing.