Home News Ross County Sheriff Responds to Report of Deadly Situation, Ends up Hoax

Ross County Sheriff Responds to Report of Deadly Situation, Ends up Hoax


Clarksburg, OH – Ross County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a serious incident of SWATting on Main Street in Clarksburg late in the evening on July 6, 2024.

The sheriff’s office received multiple 911 texts reporting a burglary in progress, with claims that the suspect had killed the homeowner’s parents and that the homeowner was hiding in a closet in fear for their life.

Upon arrival at the scene, Deputies encountered a person exiting the residence. The deputy instructed the individual to show their hands and identify themselves, maintaining readiness with a drawn firearm. It was swiftly determined that the individual was, in fact, the homeowner. Further investigation revealed there was no actual threat inside the residence, and the information provided in the 911 texts was fabricated.

The incident is classified as a SWATting call, a malicious hoax intended to provoke an emergency law enforcement response, often involving SWAT teams. Such false reports can lead to dangerous situations, unnecessary use of police resources, and potential harm to innocent individuals.

The Ross County Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation into the false report, and a detailed report documenting the incident has been compiled.

Description of SWATting:

SWATting is a criminal activity where someone makes a hoax emergency call to law enforcement, typically reporting a serious incident such as a hostage situation, murder, or other violent crime at a specific location. The goal is to prompt a large-scale police response, often including SWAT teams, to the unsuspecting victim’s address. The perpetrators may do this for various reasons, including revenge, harassment, or simply for their own amusement. SWATting calls can be extremely dangerous, as they divert police resources from legitimate emergencies and may result in innocent individuals being subjected to intense and potentially hazardous police actions. Authorities treat SWATting as a serious offense and work to identify and prosecute those responsible for making false reports.