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Ross County Recording School “Rec W” Showcases Impressive Credentials

John Truman, an instructor of the school formerly known as "The Recording Workshop" in Massieville explains the old and new tech to the Chillicothe Ross Chamber of Commerce's "Business After Business" event on May 15th, 2024.

Massieville, Ross County — What started out as a recording studio school in a little town south of Chillicothe continues to be a record-breaking institution. “The Recording Workshop,” now named “The Rec W,” hosted the Chillicothe Ross Chamber of Commerce’s “Business After Business” event Wednesday evening.

Paul Pollard returned to the technical trade school and is now its president. He explained that the oldest music production school in world was started by Chillicothean Joe Waters in 1971 as Appalachia Sound Studios, then renamed in 1977 as the Recording Workshop.

It was shortened to “Rec W” in 2021 to show it is more than just recording, he said – they now teach live sound, live streaming, foley audio for movie and video sound, and more. The cluster of red-and-beige buildings on the small campus are gathered around the angular classroom building near the south end of Massieville a few miles south of Chillicothe.

Pollard said in its 53 years, the Rec W has 21,000 graduates from 70 countries and all 50 states. Plaques throughout the building show where its graduates have worked with famous musicians and on well-known movies.

“Rec dub” is also linked with Chillicothe’s famous Majestic Theatre, where students set up, record, and videorecord live music performances. Some of those can also be watched on the school’s YouTube account – sometimes even live.

Pollard says the industry is exploding and has a massive need for content, and thus a need for their graduates. The Rec W offers a five-week core program and a two-week advanced program. It’s best if students are high school graduates, are age 18+, and are familiar with home computers and audio tools.

Hear Pollard in his own words, as well as watch the start of an extended two-part experience in a recording studio, below. See more in my sideline story photo essay.

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(Be sure to round out your tour of audio capability in Ross County with a tour of iHeart Radio Southern Ohio – the broadcast studios of WKKJ, WBEX, etc. – at 45 West Main Street in Chillicothe. Make an appointment with Christina Wolford at [email protected] or 740 / 773-NEWS.)

Find part two of this video, the actual recording session, in my sideline story photo essay.

A welcome screen for Chamber of Commerce’s “Business After Business” event.
Chamber announcements, door prizes, and more in the Lecture Hall.
Recognition and refreshments in the event.

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