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Ross County Pursuit Leads to Arrest of Suspect with Multiple Warrants


Authorities in Ross County were involved in a dramatic pursuit resulting in the arrest of Bobby Matthews, a suspect wanted on multiple warrants. The incident unfolded on May 28, 2024, around 14:39 hours, as officers were en route to assist with a suspicious person call.

While traveling southbound on S. Bridge St., officers spotted a male riding a bicycle in the wrong direction. Suspecting it to be Matthews, who was wanted on an active felony warrant along with two misdemeanor warrants, one officer initiated a traffic stop. However, Matthews fled, ignoring commands to stop.

The pursuit continued, with Matthews attempting to evade capture. As the situation escalated, another officer positioned himself strategically with a drawn taser. Matthews, still on the move, was eventually brought to a halt when the taser was deployed, causing him to fall to the ground.

Despite initial resistance, Matthews was successfully handcuffed and placed in custody. The suspect was later transported to the Ross County Jail.

During the pursuit, Matthews’s actions posed risks to himself and others, leading to additional charges of Obstructing Official Business and Resisting Arrest.

Matthews is now being held in Ross County Jail with charges of Receiving Stolen property, Obstruction, and Resisting arrest. He will also face his felony warrant and two other misdemeanor warrants.