Home News Ross County – Police Investigate Discovery of Stolen Handgun in Chillicothe

Ross County – Police Investigate Discovery of Stolen Handgun in Chillicothe


Chillicothe – Authorities responded to a report of a found handgun behind a residence on West 4th Street today, sparking an investigation into its origins and potential connection to a theft case.

According to the initial report, police were dispatched to the rear of 38 West 4th Street after receiving information about the discovery of a firearm. Upon arrival, officers identified the weapon as a black Glock G19 pistol resting against a garage door along the alleyway. The building in question is a multi-unit apartment complex.

A man who was working in the area had noticed the firearm. He promptly reported the discovery to authorities, leading to a thorough investigation by law enforcement.

Further checks revealed that the Glock pistol had been reported stolen from Morgan County, specifically from the McConnelsville Police Department in Ohio. Authorities confirmed the firearm’s status as stolen and contacted Morgan County Sheriff’s Office for additional details.

“I saw the Glock G19 and immediately closed the garage door,” said the responding officer, who ensured the weapon was secured and placed into evidence following confirmation of its status.

The investigation into the firearm’s theft remains ongoing, with authorities working to establish leads and connect with the owner of the stolen property. The McConnelsville Police Department has initiated their own report, though no suspects have yet been identified.

The recovered handgun will remain in police custody as the investigation continues