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Ross County – Man Flees From Deputies after Home Invasion, Village Asks for Entire Town Stay Away Order


Richmond Dale, OH – June 12, 2024 – The Ross County Sheriff’s Office successfully apprehended Peter Schwarz, a wanted man who had been on the run, after he was found breaking into a vacant home in Richmond Dale. Schwarz, with a long history of criminal activity, now faces multiple charges including Breaking and Entering, Obstructing Official Business, Criminal Trespass, and Resisting Arrest.

June 11, 2024, Early Morning: Ross County Sheriff’s deputies responded to reports of suspicious activity at a vacant home owned by ERA Martin and Associates in Richmond Dale. Upon arrival, deputies discovered Schwarz hiding inside the house when the deputy shined a light on him. Officers spotted Schwarz in the laundry room, but he continued to move through the house, attempting to avoid arrest.

Despite repeated commands to surrender, Schwarz refused to cooperate. Officers eventually gained access to the house using a key from the lockbox on the front door, but Schwarz had escaped through a window, disappearing into the heavy fog.

Deputies had suspected that Peter had been using the home after the Previous Day: On June 10, 2024, deputies had checked the same property and found the front door unlocked. Inside, there was only some water and a black cup in the refrigerator. After entering the house, deputies found a window screen removed and a laptop bag and box labeled with Schwarz’s name, suggesting he had been using the property recently. Evidence indicated that Schwarz had been accessing the house by removing the screen from a front window and leaving the door unlocked for future entry.

On June 11, 2024, Evening: Ross County deputies received a tip that Schwarz was seen on 6th St. in Richmond Dale. Deputy Carl Lawhorn and OSP Trooper Thorton, along with a local resident, Travis Doles, pursued Schwarz, who was found hiding in woods and thickets near railroad tracks. After a brief struggle and threats of being tased, Schwarz was apprehended and taken into custody, despite claiming the knife found on him was not his.

  • Charges: Schwarz faces multiple charges, including:
    • Breaking and Entering
    • Obstructing Official Business (two counts)
    • Criminal Trespass
    • Resisting Arrest (two counts)
  • Schwarz, who is currently on probation, has been barred from multiple properties in Richmond Dale due to safety concerns from local residents. Authorities are requesting that he be given a stay-away order from the entire village if he makes bond, as the community fears his presence and actions.

Schwarz’s criminal activities and refusal to comply with law enforcement have led to significant distress among residents, particularly the elderly, who feel threatened by his behavior. The Ross County Sheriff’s Office continues to monitor the situation closely and urges anyone with information on Schwarz’s activities to come forward.