Home News Ross County Man Charged with OVI with Child in Car

Ross County Man Charged with OVI with Child in Car

Ross County Sheriff's SUV cruiser

Ross County, Ohio – On May 25, 2024, deputies responded to reports of a suspected impaired driver between Bowman Ln and Adena Hospital. The caller, alerted authorities that Steven Gozy, the driver, appeared to be impaired by medication and was traveling with an unrestrained child. Gozy, reportedly en route to Adena Hospital, where his girlfriend works, was believed to be seeking more medication.

Upon locating Gozy’s vehicle leaving the hospital, a traffic stop was initiated on US 23 south. Gozy, exhibiting slurred speech and admitting to taking prescription medication, was questioned about his condition. Despite claiming to have taken prescribed medication, Gozy struggled to recall its name, ultimately confirming it to be Klonopin.

Subsequent field sobriety tests revealed Gozy’s impaired motor skills and lack of balance, leading to his arrest for operating a vehicle under the influence. He was also charged with endangering children due to the presence of a child in the vehicle while driving impaired.