Home News Ross County Man Calls 911 for Shadow People in His Yard

Ross County Man Calls 911 for Shadow People in His Yard


ROSS – A man called 911 on Saturday after seeing shadows and knowing those people are up to no good.

Accoridng to the report around 3 pm on 7/23/22 a Ross County Deputy responded to Frankfort in the area of 138 and Old US 35. The caller told the dispatcher that he saw some shadows in his yard earlier and he knew their plot. The man said that he suspected them of stealing things out of his friend’s truck, he said these people park somewhere down the road and walk up to his house to mess with him because they think it is funny.

He expanded on these people knowing that their plan was to use the bike path as a “highway” and hide in the woods wearing all black and that these people were doing it just for fun.

The officer reported that the man was, “sweating profusely and was talking very fast, ” and the deputy said he believed he was under the influence.

The deputy said that the man, “was not making any sense with his words and accusations, he did not seem like a danger to himself or others.”

The deputy did patrol the area looking for shadow people, or any suspicious vehicles and did not find them, he then cleared the scene.