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Ross County -More Details Released on Armed Standoff Over Weekend with Altered Mental Status Man



CHILLICOTHE, Ohio – Authorities responded to a concerning situation on Hartwood Road in Chillicothe on April 28, 2024, involving a male individual exhibiting altered mental status and making threats.

According to reports, law enforcement received a 911 call from the male, who expressed fear for his safety due to perceived threats from “MK Ultra” and requested the presence of a “high ranking State Trooper.” Upon arrival at the scene, officers encountered the male, who emerged from a residence armed with a rifle and equipped with additional ammunition stored in a chest rig.

Despite repeated orders from law enforcement to disarm, the individual refused to comply, heightening tensions at the scene. The Tense interactions with the first deputy on the scene shows how dangerous this situation was. From the Report:

Nicholas exited the home. Due to the glare of the sun, I was not immediately able to see what he held, but noticed he was wearing a military-style chest rig, containing additional firearm magazines for a rifle and pistol. I was then able to see Nicholas had an AR15-style rifle slung around his body. Nicholas was also holding an unknown object in his left hand. I radioed to other units to respond quickly and that I had a male with a rifle. Nicholas immediately began questioning why a Deputy responded when he wanted a Highway Patrolman. I positioned myself in line with Nicholas, putting a truck engine in between us in the event he began shooting. Nicholas began requesting I stand closer to him and that he “wasn’t going to hurt” me. Nicholas went on to state his name, pronouncing his last name of “Tarvin-Holdren” as “Tarvin-Holdrine” with an accent on “Holdren”. He stated he wanted to have a “cordial conversation” with me. He made statements that “God” gives him his “rules of engagement”. Nicholas also removed his ear protection, which he had covering his ears. Nicholas then began kneeling down to pick something up, and his right hand went toward his rifle. I ordered Nicholas to take the rifle off slowly, to which he refused, and just adjusted the sling on the rifle, making statements that he had “more training” than me. I ordered Nicholas to put his hands up. He refused. I ordered him again, to which he responded “What are you going to do if I don’t”. He then extended his hands in front of him but continued to not listen to my commands to put his hands up. He then began explaining the pins and medals in his hand.

Another Deputy arrived and tried speaking to Nicholas to get him to cooperate with us. Nicholas did not want to give up his rifle, stating that it’ll stay “on his back”. Nicholas also stated to me that as long as I “have my barrel on him” he’s “not going to touch anything” or I’ll “dust his ass” He repeated the sentiment that as long as I have my firearm pointed at him, he wouldn’t touch his rifle. I interpreted this statement to mean that if I didn’t have my firearm unholstered and pointed at him, he would’ve grabbed his rifle and done harm to deputies.

He continued on to make statements that he’s trained to “kick doors down and shoot motherfuckers in the face”. The deputy and I continued talking to Nicholas, explaining that we didn’t want to hurt him. As the negotiation continued, Nicholas finally agreed to put the rifle away. Nicholas pointed the rifle away from deputies and removed the magazine, as well as cleared the round that was in the chamber. We then directed him away from the firearm. The deputy and I spoke with Nicholas extensively, trying to figure out what was going through his mind. Nicholas began giving us military items, including a cord and a “cross rifle” pin. Nicholas began expressing disdain for the Civil War in which Americans fought Americans. He then made statements that the government was using psychological warfare programs using his “genetic code” and chakras. Nicholas believed that Government leadership was sending information packets to law enforcement telling us how to think and feel about certain subjects. Nicholas mentioned that he served from 2016 to 2020 in the US Army, and often got in trouble for his drinking problem. He also spoke of his extensive weapons training. He then fixated on our duty belts and began commenting on the condition of our firearms, making note that our sidearms have weapon lights. Nicholas began staring at the deputy’s eyes, making comments about my hazel eyes meaning Nicholas and I were “Brothers”. Nicholas continued speaking of the Nazis capturing people to get “partisan potential” from people. He stated “partisan potential” means that someone is “partisan to minor-attracted persons”. He then made mention of the government supporting minor-attracted persons and that he played a part in putting a stop to it. He then pointed to his “Fuck Biden” flag, stating that he charged Biden with Treason. Nicholas stated he received his authority and jurisdiction from God. As Sgt Champion arrived, Nicholas began speaking of the US Army’s “psychological operations” job duty. He continued that he wanted to go special forces, but he had alcohol problems that “fucked him up”

Nicholas stated “they” put thoughts in his head. He then asked if we heard of Amity New York,​ and how the male claimed “walls were telling him to shoot people”. Nicholas said it wasn’t the walls that told the male to shoot people,​ that it was MK Ultra and Da Vinci Code.

Nicholas stated the Illuminati takes people,​ like him,​ forces them to join a brotherhood and then controls their Shakras ​to make them shoot up Dollar Generals to advance gun control. He said the government is the same control on him that they use on others to make them commit mass shootings and that the Government wants him to shoot us. ​

During interactions with law enforcement, the male disclosed struggles with alcohol dependency, revealing that he had additional beer concealed in his chest rig. Furthermore, he made multiple references to conspiracy theories, including “Illuminati” and “MK Ultra,” adding to the complexity of the situation.

The individual’s statements, including threats directed at law enforcement, raised serious concerns about the potential for harm. As a result, he was taken into custody and transported to the Ross County Jail to await further legal proceedings.

Nicholas continued to pose an extreme risk to both the public and public safety staff. Nicholas was transported to the Ross County Jail. While enroute,​ he continued bashing his head into the cage. Once at the jail,​ Nicholas continued yelling and tensing up. Nicholas was evaluated by the jail nurse. He told the nurse that he had drank 3 or 4 beers today. The nurse accepted him into the jail. Nicholas was yelling and continuing to make statements about MK Ultra and the Illuminati.