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Ross County – Man Arrested for Obstruction after Police Respond to Noise Complaint


April 10, 2024 – Law enforcement officers responded to a noise complaint at 727 E Main St, where they encountered a scene of loud music and shouting, prompting further investigation.

Upon arrival, officers, including Officer Simmons, proceeded to the rear of the residence to make contact with the occupants. Despite initial difficulties, a female eventually answered the door, not being the homeowner. Officer Simmons requested to speak with the resident, leading to Stone Comer emerging a few minutes later.

Officer Simmons informed Comer of the noise complaint and the disturbance noticed upon arrival. Despite repeated requests for identification, Comer reportedly resisted, prompting officers to attempt to place him under arrest for obstructing official business.

A struggle ensued as Comer resisted arrest, attempting to retreat into his home. Officers intervened to restrain Comer, leading to an altercation during which Officer Music was reportedly struck. In response, Officer Music delivered several strikes to Comer’s face to gain control of the situation.

After being subdued and handcuffed, Comer was escorted to a police cruiser. Following a check of the handcuffs for safety, Comer was identified as Stone Comer through his Ohio ID found in his possession.

Comer was charged with obstructing official business and resisting arrest. Additionally, he was issued a citation for disturbing the peace (MM Citation# 11190). He was informed of his court date before being turned over to jail staff custody.

The incident highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement officers in maintaining public order and responding to complaints of disturbance.