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Ross County Sheriffs Office Investigating a Suspicious Death


ROSS – Ross county sheriff is investigating a suspicious death that occurred after a welfare check.

According to the Ross county sheriffs department, they were called to Paint Creek state park for a welfare check on an individual. After checking his home on Rosewell court, his vehicle was reported at the park.

A boss of the deceased called the sheriff’s office after he hadn’t heard from him. When police arrived they found the man’s vehicle but it didn’t look like anyone was inside.

Upon further inspection a man was found under a blanket inside the vehicle, deputies banged on the windows with no response with all the doors locked. Deputies had no choice but to break the window to unlock the doors. The deputies found a man dead in the back seat under a blanket.

There were no obvious signs of self-inflicted injuries. Deputies requested the on-call Detective and Coroner’s Office to the scene. The death is still under investigation.