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Ross County Historical Society Gives Awards & Scholarships in 128th Annual Meeting


Chillicothe — The annual meeting of the Ross County Historical Society was Monday, where the society celebrated its 128th year with its membership to “identify, collect, and preserve the tangible evidence of the history of Chillicothe and Ross County” since 1896.

I couldn’t attend because I wanted to cover a couple of significant items with Chillicothe Council, but I stopped by after the meeting on April 22nd at the Ross County Heritage Center.

Darren Baker, director of the Ross County Historical Society, explained what happened at the meeting, and what’s coming up for the society – including new exhibits and a May speakers series tied into the exhibits.

According to the meeting agenda, the Historical Society handed out the 2024 First Capital History Awards:

  • World Heritage Site Destination
  • Dard Hunter for the Mountain House
  • Ed Steele for the Bourneville Good Shepherd Church restoration
  • and the Elm Dale Grange.

A special award was given to Allen Doddroe for the Rail Road exhibit.

Students receiving the 2024 Nolan Scholarships were also recognized (whom I interviewed, however awkwardly on my part after a long council session): Sarah Lute, senior at Huntington High School, and Nora Beery, senior at Adena High School.

Hear the two students and director Baker in their own words:

Prominent local archaeologist Gary Argabright was one of those recognized.
Quilts are a big topic at the Heritage Center, with a book and new display being developed.
Membership has its privileges in a 128-year-old organization!