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Ross County – Guns and Drugs Found in Traffic Stop

Traffic Ticket Police Vehicle - A police cruiser with the lights flashing has stopped a speeding car along the interstate highway and is issuing a ticket.

Ross County – A man is under arrest after a traffic stop found guns and drugs in a vehicle

The stop occurred on Massieville Road when the Deputy performed a traffic stop on a vehicle for going 61 in a 40 mph zone. When stopped the deputy checked the driver’s license James McWhorter was found to have an OVI suspension. After putting the man in handcuffs. During a search of the vehicle, the Deputy found a loaded Taurus G2C handgun under the driver’s seat of the vehicle along with a crystal-like substance in a baggie on the passenger side.

During transport to the jail McWhorter admitted to using cocaine and said, “it cleared his head.”

James was arrested and charged with driving under suspension, having weapons under disability, and possession of cocaine.