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Ross County Grand Jury, May 31st: Domestic Violence Leads to Kidnapping and Shooting Threat

43-year-old Jason William Woodruff

Kingston & Chillicothe — The Ross County Grand Jury returned all eight of their cases Friday, May 31st, with two open for release to the public (and one returned as a misdemeanor). From testimony in one of the cases, according to the Ross County Prosecutor’s Office:

On the evening of April 30th, the Ross County Sheriff’s department responded to a domestic dispute on Oak Street in Kingston.

Upon arrival, deputies found that 43-year-old Jason William Woodruff had left with the victim for Chillicothe. They spoke to the mother of the victim there, who was bleeding from her head, and said a dispute between Woodruff and the victim had turned violent.

She said two children, age 8 and 13, saw Woodruff choking the victim, throw her around, and threaten to “kill everyone.” Woodruff was pointing the gun at himself and the victim, saying “this all ends tonight.”

Eventually he took her outside and told her to drive him to Chillicothe. The mother tried to de-escalate the situation as they were leaving the house, but Woodruff struck her in the head with the butt of the gun.

An advisory for Woodruff was sent out, and deputies went to Sycamore Street in Chillicothe where Woodruff’s father resides. They encountered the victim, who said when they got to Sycamore Street, she jumped out and ran to hide in an alley.

She said Woodruff continued pointing the gun at her and himself en route, threatening to kill her if she pulled over, or if law enforcement tried to pull them over.

She also told the officers that she thought Woodruff’s father drove him to his apartment on Water Street. Officers planned to evacuate the building and send in SWAT…until a neighbor told officers that as he was leaving, he saw Woodruff’s door ajar, and that Woodruff was asleep or unconscious on the floor.

Officers arrested Woodruff. In a protective sweep of the apartment, they saw a handgun on a table, obtained a search warrant, and confiscated the loaded gun. Another loaded firearm was also found.

Woodruff has multiple felony convictions for drug possession, so he is under disability for possessing a firearm.

It is not suspected that Woodruff’s father was involved.

For indictments on:

  • Two counts of first-degree felony kidnapping
  • Two counts of second-degree felonious assault
  • Third-degree felony strangulation
  • Two counts of fourth-degree felony having weapons under disability

Woodruff could get up to 44 years and $90,000 in fines. He remains in custody in the Ross County Jail.

Domestic violence leads to kidnapping and shooting threat on in Ross County the evening of April 30th, 2024.
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