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Ross County Grand Jury, March 15th: Dealing Drugs Doesn’t Pay…Except Six Figures in Fines and Decades in Prison


Chillicothe — The Ross County Grand Jury returned all 19 of their cases on Friday, March 15th, 2024, with 10 open for release to the public. From testimony in the the grand jury in one of the cases, according to the Ross County Prosecutor’s Office:

Chillicothe Police were surveilling 343 South Watt Street, a well-known drug house. 45-year-old Kathleen T. Hamilton lived in the basement, and 45-year-old Robert A. Rogers of Chillicothe, a.k.a. “Ra Ra,” had also been staying there.

The police had witnessed the two going in and out of the house (among others). On January 22nd, they finally stopped the two in a Dodge Ram truck owned by Hamilton, who had outstanding warrants and no operators license.

Police saw a baggie of white powder, and searched the vehicle to find another baggie of a very large amount of 111 grams of cocaine in the glove box, a first degree felony. (Since it was in front of passenger Rogers, he was also charged with it.)

Police went into the basement of the house for a protective sweep and saw drug paraphernalia. They returned with a warrant and spoke to the owner, who said she didn’t know what they were doing down there.

They found another big baggie of 27 grams of cocaine, also a first degree felony, along with two guns in plain sight. Neither Hamilton nor Rogers are allowed to possess firearms.

When Hamilton was processed at the jail, a set of keys were found on her. They opened a safe in the basement of the house which contained four more guns.

Hamilton remains in jail for 90 days on another case on receiving stolen property, theft, and a probation violation. Rogers was able to post bond.

Each were indicted on:

  • First degree felony possession of cocaine, with a major drug offender specification
  • First degree felony trafficking in cocaine
  • Third degree felony possession of cocaine
  • Six counts of third degree felony of having weapons while under disability

The first degree felonies are each worth 11 years in prison and $20,000 in fines. The third degree felonies are each worth three years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

And so, Hamilton and Rogers each could get up to a total of 43 years and $110,000 in fines.