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Ross County Grand Jury, January 12th: Evidence of Wiping Security Camera Footage Unwise After Strangulation Domestic Violence

23-year-old Joshua A. Perdue

Massieville — The Grand Jury returned all 19 of their cases Friday, January 12th, with one case returned as a misdemeanor, and three others open for release to the public.

According to the Ross County Prosecutor’s Office, from testimony in the the grand jury in one of the cases:

On November 12th, a woman reported to a Ross County Sheriff’s sergeant that she had returned home from a brief stay in the hospital to find her live-boyfriend “in a filthy house” on Tabernacle Road.

She was upset about that and they started arguing, which led to 23-year-old Joshua A. Perdue trying to strangle her to prevent her from leaving. As she tried to crawl away, he jumped on her back, then picked her up and slammed her on the floor while smacking her in the face several times.

He eventually calmed down and they went outside to talk on the porch. When he went back inside to get something, she left.

Later, she logged into Perdue’s Facebook account and found a message to him almost immediately after the incident instructing him to erase any material on their home cameras. When law enforcement checked the camera footage, they could not find any proof of the incident.

For indictments on:

  • Third degree felony tampering with evidence
  • Fourth degree felony strangulation
  • First degree misdemeanor domestic violence

…Perdue could get up to a total of five years and $16,000 in fines.  He is currently in custody in the Ross County jail.