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Ross County Grand Jury, December 1st: Rape


On October 27th, a Ross County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to Sulphur Spring apartments at 988 Sulphur Spring Road in reference to a burglary and rape.

The victim ran to his cruiser crying and pointing at a man who ran from her apartment. 39-year-old Matthew S. Shoemaker was detained.

The victim said she was asleep in her room, unclothed, when Shoemaker entered. She told him not to hurt her and he said he wouldn’t, but sexually assaulted her.

Then when he tried to take off his pants, she pushed him away and ran to a neighbor’s home.

Witnesses said they had seen a man trying to get into the victim’s apartment through a window, but failing that, he walked through the door. When the victim ran to the neighbor’s, they saw a man running from the area.

For indictments on first-degree felony rape and second-degree felony burglary, Mault could get up to 19 years and $35,000 in fines.