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Ross County Grand Jury, April 5th: Stop Fidgeting with the Gun You’re Not Allowed to Have

Manufacturer's photo of an SCCY CPX-2 9mm pistol

The Ross County Grand Jury returned all 17 of their cases on Friday, April 5th, 2024, but with one downgraded to misdemeanor. Three were open to release to the public.  

From testimony in the the grand jury in one of the cases, according to the Ross County Prosecutor’s Office:

On August 6th, a Ross County Sheriff’s sergeant was dispatched to an address on Liberty Hill Road (roughly between Huntington Schools and Massieville) in regards to an anonymous call. The report was that a suspicious person was at a vehicle, and appeared to be trying to hide something and had something in his shirt.

Upon contact, the sergeant saw that he had his hands in the front pockets of his sweatshirt and appeared to be moving something around inside. The sergeant then saw something fall from the pocket, which was a 9mm round.

29-year-old Isaiah D. Jones-Tate of 15 Kendrick Avenue in Chillicothe informed the sergeant that he had an active felony arrest warrant, which the sergeant confirmed.

During a pat-down, an empty firearm box was found in his sweatshirt pocket. The sergeant then went to where he originally saw Jones-Tate and found an SCCY CPX-2 9mm pistol that was loaded.

Jones-Tate is under disability for having firearms. He had a Pike County indictment for possession and trafficking of drugs in 2021, a conviction for drug trafficking in September of 2023, and a drug conviction in Ross County Common Pleas Court for aggravated possession in 2020.

For an indictment of third-degree felony Having a Weapon while Under Disability, Jones-Tate could get up to three years and $10,000 in fines.