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Ross County Deputies Offer Man a Ride, Ends Up Under Arrest


ROSS – A Ross County unit turned around after seeing a man walking yesterday along Three Locks road for the simple act of offering him a ride.

“Due to the temperature we turned around and made contact with Robert Ison. We asked Robert if he would like a ride to where he was going and
he accepted,” it says in the report.

When deputies noticed that Ison had a knife on him they told him that they would have to take possession of the weapon until they got to the destination, the man agreed. He was asked if he had any other weapons on him and that’s when things went downhill.

Ison told Deputies, yes, but when he opened his jacked to grab the other knife deputies noticed a THC smoking apparatus in his pocket next to the knife. Robert look surprised and stated, “thats my dab pen”. Deputies informed Robert that he would be cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and told him that we would still give him a ride to where he was going.

Robert was advised that a pat-down would be conducted before being placed in the cruiser for officer safety and he agreed, a pat-down was
conducted and he was placed in the back of the cruiser. His SSN was then ran through LEADS and he had an active warrant with the City of Chillicothe. Robert was informed of the warrant and we advised him that he would be going to jail. Robert was removed from the cruiser and searched further and then placed in handcuffs that were checked for fit and double-locked and rechecked for fit. Robert was placed back in the cruiser and transported to the Ross County Jail without further incident.
While in the booking area of the jail, Deputies issued Robert a summons for possession of drug paraphernalia and a Chillicothe Police Officer
came and served his warrant.

The 2 drug paraphernalia articles were placed into evidence