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Ross County – Couple Reports Attempted Vehicular Assault in City


Chillicothe police responded to a dispatch call regarding reckless operation of a motor vehicle near the intersection of E. Seventh Street and S. Hickory Street on April 10, 2024. Upon arrival, police initiated an investigation which led him to S. Mulberry Street, where the complainant, awaited.

The victim recounted a chilling tale of harassment and fear. According to her statement to Officer, they were walking home when they noticed a white jeep, allegedly driven by Bobby Matthews, slowly trailing them down S. Mulberry Street. Sensing trouble, she began recording with her cellphone. Her suspicions proved accurate when the vehicle made a sudden U-turn and mounted the sidewalk, allegedly with intent to harm them.

Her account detailed a harrowing moment as they scrambled into a neighbor’s yard to evade the oncoming vehicle, narrowly escaping what they believed was a deliberate attempt on their lives. She described Matthews as the driver, with his companion, allegedly shouting protests from the passenger seat.

Further investigation revealed corroborating evidence from a nearby security camera, capturing a white SUV matching the description driving erratically along S. Mulberry Street. The footage depicted the vehicle veering onto the sidewalk, accelerating towards the two before hastily retreating from the scene.

The Officer equipped with body-worn camera footage and witness statements, attempted to locate Matthews at his last known address on Pam Lane, accompanied by a deputy from the RCSO. However, their efforts were unsuccessful.

In light of the severity of the incident and the potential danger posed to the victims, Officers requested a warrant for Matthews’ arrest on charges of aggravated menacing.