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Road Construction Projects to Impact Traffic in Ross County Next Week


: Motorists in Ross County should prepare for upcoming road construction projects that will affect traffic flow throughout the week. The initiatives include intersection improvements on U.S. 23, resurfacing work on U.S. 35, and the transportation of a Super Load. Commuters are advised to stay updated on project details and possible traffic disruptions.

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Chillicothe, the county seat of Ross County, is set to experience several road construction projects next week, with potential impacts on traffic patterns. The anticipated projects, contingent on favorable weather conditions, aim to enhance infrastructure and address maintenance needs across key highways in the region. Motorists are urged to plan their routes accordingly and stay informed about ongoing developments through OHGO.com.

U.S. 23 Intersection Improvement: Initiated on April 10, the U.S. 23 Intersection Improvement project focuses on installing a turbo lane at the Trego Creek Road intersection. Daily construction activities will continue throughout the week, with efforts to minimize disruption to traffic flow. Despite the ongoing work, at least one lane of U.S. 23 will remain accessible to motorists. The project is slated for completion in the fall of 2024.

U.S. 35 Resurfacing: Commencing on April 15, the U.S. 35 Resurfacing project will involve work on the stretch of U.S. 35 between S.R. 138 and the Fayette County line. Crews will conduct resurfacing activities daily, necessitating caution from drivers navigating the affected area. To mitigate inconvenience, at least one lane of U.S. 35 will be kept open throughout the project duration. Completion of the resurfacing endeavor is anticipated by the summer of 2024.

Super Load Transportation: Additionally, a Super Load transport operation is anticipated to traverse various roadways within Ross County. This transportation endeavor may impact traffic along specific routes. To receive real-time route information and updates regarding the Super Load movement, interested parties are encouraged to visit transportation.ohio.gov/superload and sign up for notifications.

As road construction activities progress in Ross County, local authorities emphasize the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and exercising caution while navigating through construction zones. Motorists are advised to stay informed about project timelines and potential traffic disruptions to ensure safe and efficient travel.