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Remember Sofidel Dryer? A 767 Cargo Plane Will Be Moved Starting Tomorrow the Same Way


WILMINGTON – For anyone who remembers the massive dryers that came to rest in the Sofidel plant and the long journey it took through the backroads of Ohio slowing down traffic and people as their curiosity of such a large item could be moved in this fashion, another journey like that is about to start.

On March 1, 2021, a slow-moving land train consisting of electric trucks, large semi-trucks, and ODOT members will start a three-day journey from Wilmington Ohio to Wright Patt air force base, its cargo a fuselage of a 767 ABX 767 Cargo Plane.

The route will start day 1 in Wilmington on Highway 72 north, then left onto Highway 35 then 62 to Old Highway 35. The travel will be slow as usual and they can only travel during daylight hours.

Day 2 Starting on Old Highway 35 to 68 North then left onto highway 235 then Dayton Yellow springs road.

Day 3 Starts on Dayton Yellow springs road then left on Kauffman ave, then left onto Skyline dr to WPAFB.

Utility power lines, cable, and telephone will have to be moved at times, traffic signals will have to be moved upwards or taken down ahead of the cargo. It will be a similar dance as the one that came through Circleville three years ago.

If you catch some video or photos send them over to Sciotopost so we all can watch the fun,