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Rare Deformity of the Dandelion Found in Pickaway County


CIRCLEVILLE – The scientific word is Fascinated or Cresting.  Vascular plants like the dandelion and other plants are subject to a deformity that makes them look almost alien.  Scientists are not 100% sure of when are why the deformation happens.

This particular flower was found in the back yard of a North Circleville home while cutting the grass.  “The Flower looked odd, almost like it was budding into two but then I realized it was one stem and two heads,” said homeowner.

Fortunately you don’t have to worry that you have toxic waste on your land or some sort of radiation is microwaving your lawn. Scientist say that many factors lead to this deformity, hormonal imbalance, infection (by bacteria, viruses or phytoplasmas), environmental changes (such as extreme weather), mechanical damage (such as being hoed), or feeding by insects or other animals. The exact cause for a particular case of fasciation is rarely known and often seems just random.

More common in fast-growing plants like the dandelion they are a rare sight to find, much like finding a four-leaf clover, and very much the reason you find the four-leaf clover.

This one has six heads

So if you are on your lawn and see these deformities snap a photo lets see it.