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Pumpkin Show Coverage – From Little Miss to Queen Circleville Native Has Dreamed of the Crown


Circleville – Miss Pumpkin Show contestant Alexis Kidwell says that ever since she was little she’s dreamed of being Miss Pumpkin Show.

Kidwell represents Circleville High School this year as the local contestant to the Pumpkin Show. She says that she, “has been raised in the heart of Circleville, and has always been a die-hard fan of the Pumpkin Show.”

She says that she participated in Little Miss Pumpkin show when she was in first grade and since then has had the desire to be the Pumpkin Show Queen, “It’s just one of those things that girl’s dream when you are from Circleville!”

Alexis says that she has had several people influence her throughout her life, but her aunt Sarah has had a lasting impact.

“I have the best friends and family! The one person who has a huge impact on me in my everyday life is my Aunt Sarah. She has shown me what it is to take pride in a career and to be positive. She has dedicated her life to helping the community and local schools. She has shown me the true meaning of kindness.”

Her favorite choice of food at the Show? “Hands down Bessie’s homemade noodles and mashed potatoes!”

Kidwell says that being crowned would be an honor, “If I were to be crowned Miss Pumpkin Show it would be an honor! It would give me the opportunity to be recognized in the community for future goals, so I can continue the legacy of helping others and creating a positive influence in the community.”

Alexis says her future goals are at the local business, “I’m still young and have a lot of ideas about what my future could hold, but as of now, I plan to take over my Aunts business, Circleville Nutrition, one day!

While not working with her aunt at Circleville Nutrition Kidwell enjoys Volleyball, Cheerleading, the Diversity Club, the Drug Free Club, Travelling, Shopping, listening to Music, and Spending time with family and friends. She is an honor roll student and the daughter of Drew and Nicole McGlone