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Proposal for Mental Health Center in Chillicothe’s East End Withdrawn

A landscape plan from the Paint Valley ADAMH Board application requesting a conditional use for a "Crisis Center" in the former railyard in Chillicothe.

Chillicothe — The application for a Mental Health Center in Chillicothe’s East End has been withdrawn.

A month ago, the Chillicothe Planning Commission held a hearing on a conditional use application by the Paint Valley ADAMH board to build a Mental Health Crisis Center on East Main Street in the former B&O Railyard.

It was held in council chambers and the public presence was beyond standing room only. After hearing two hours of testimony – much in opposition to the location, though not to the facility – the Planning & Zoning commission said they would make a decision in their next meeting. (Commission member Mayor Luke Feeney told me that is required by law, and that the commission could not discuss the matter until that meeting.)

That meeting was today…but their agenda stated that Paint Valley ADAMH had withdrawn their application. Mayor’s Office Manager Clint Boggs said that Paint Valley ADAMH is no longer in contract for the property, and that the application is dead.

I have no other information at the moment, including whether Paint Valley ADAMH is considering a different location (like the Adena Regional Medical Center campus), or have given up on the effort.

Learn more about the issue in my April 11th story on the hearing.

The hearing for a mental health “Crisis Center” on April 10th, 2024, was moved from a meeting room to the much larger Chillicothe Council chambers…but it was still SRO.