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Power Restored at Waverly Library: Cleanup Efforts Underway


After facing days of power outage following unforeseen circumstances, Natosha Jewett, Director of the Garnet A. Wilson Public Library of Pike County, brings relief to the community with the announcement of power restoration at the Waverly library.

Jewett, in a recent statement, revealed that while power has been reinstated, the library now faces the arduous task of restoration and repair. The extent of the damage necessitates the replacement of wiring, fire and water damaged walls, and carpet on the main floor. Additionally, the entire collection will be removed and meticulously cleaned to ensure its preservation.

Moreover, efforts will extend to the basement, where carpets in the hallway and community meeting room will undergo replacement. Jewett estimates that this comprehensive restoration process will span several weeks to a month, contingent upon smooth operations.

“We greatly appreciate the patience and understanding of our community members during this challenging time,” expressed Jewett, urging for continued support as the library navigates through the crisis.

For inquiries regarding library services, individuals are encouraged to reach out to any of the library branches for information. All holds previously placed at the Waverly Library have been seamlessly transferred to the Piketon Library. Should patrons wish to relocate their materials to the Eastern or Western Library, they are advised to contact the Piketon library at (740) 289-3064.

Furthermore, Jewett addressed concerns regarding scheduled events, noting that the main facility will remain closed for the foreseeable future. Patrons who had reserved the community meeting room for April are advised to contact the library and arrange for alternate accommodations at one of the branch facilities.

In response to community queries regarding insurance coverage, Jewett clarified that while the current building is salvageable, any funds received from insurance claims will be allocated towards compensating contractors for necessary repairs.

As cleanup efforts progress, Jewett assured the community of forthcoming programming announcements and building updates, encouraging patrons to stay informed and engaged during this period of transition.