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Chillicothe – Possible Overdose Incident Leads to Arrest with Warrants Uncovered


Chillicothe, Ohio – A routine patrol took a dramatic turn when officers were dispatched to the area of 770 Jefferson Ave. in response to a possible overdose. Upon arrival, officers were met by a man, who had noticed a maroon 2017 Ford with an unidentified female in the driver’s seat. The man attempt to rouse the female proved futile, leading him to administer three 4mg nasal Narcan doses before officers arrived.

Upon closer inspection, officers found the female clutching a broken red pen with a burnt end and residue. Promptly photographed and seized, the pen became a crucial piece of evidence. The female, later identified as Amanda Conley, showed signs of life but remained unresponsive to sternum rubs.

Efforts to identify Conley revealed a medication container containing a white rock-like substance and 11 green bars stamped “S 90 3,” identified as 2mg Alprazolam. Further examination of the vehicle yielded no form of identification for Conley. Subsequently, Conley was transported to ARMC ER for medical evaluation, where she eventually regained consciousness.

The vehicle, inventoried and towed by LC Towing, held more surprises as dispatch alerted officers to Conley’s two outstanding warrants: one from Jackson County SO for drug trafficking and another from Pike County SO for Probation Violation.

At the ER, Conley made startling allegations, claiming coercion by Carlis Tackett, who allegedly forced her to ingest unknown substances. According to Conley, Tackett viewed her as his property, using her as a test dummy for the drugs he peddled. She disclosed information about Tackett’s stash of fentanyl and his uncanny ability to evade police raids.

Conley denied ingesting drugs in the vehicle but admitted to using the pen for writing and taking the medication container from Tackett to prevent harm to others. With her irregular heart rate necessitating admission to the hospital, Conley was issued summonses for possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct by intoxication.

The substances found in the container will undergo analysis by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) for potential pending charges.