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Pope Francis stuck in an elevator


VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Pope found himself stuck in a Vatican Elevator Sunday.

The traditional Sunday gathering at Noon in St. Peter’s Square were the Pope’s remarks and blessings take place from one of the Apostolic windows was delayed by seven minutes due to the incident.

The thousands of people that were gathered in the square began to question the delay when Francis popped out and answered their question: “First of all I must excuse myself for being late. I was blocked in an elevator for 25 minutes.”

Francis explained that there was a “drop in tension,” causing the elevator to get stuck. “Thank God the firefighters intervened,” Francis said.

The Pope then asked for a round of applause for his rescuers, the Vatican City State’s own fire department.

The Vatican didn’t say if the pope was alone in the elevator or accompanied by any of his aides.