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Police Search for Woman Who Bite Finger of a Driver That She Crashed into on Freeway


columbus – Columbus Police are searching for a woman that is acting erratically after side swiping a vehicle on Columbus interstate system.

According to Police on August 7, 2020 at 7am, the victim was driving in the area of I-270 & Roberts Rd. when the suspect in a silver Honda Fit side-swiped the victim’s truck.
The victim began taking pictures of the vehicle & finally got the suspect to pull over.
She approached his window, with her breakfast in hand, & asked why he was following her.
The victim advised she struck his vehicle. She said she didn’t realize that had happened.
When the victim got out of his vehicle to take another picture of the temp tag in the back window, the suspect took it out of the back window and threw it in the back seat.
The victim went to the vehicle to look for it in the back seat. The suspect said, “I’m gonna kick your a** and I have coronavirus.” She proceeded to attack the victim by biting his thumb drawing a substantial amount of blood.

The victim then placed the suspect in a headlock to attempt to get her to let go of his thumb & she scratched his arm drawing more blood.
The victim was finally able to call 911 and the dispatcher told him to release her and get back to his vehicle & lock the door.
When the suspect knew the victim locked himself in his vehicle she returned to her vehicle & took a full pop can and threw it at the victims vehicle then drove away.
Anyone with info on this suspect’s identity is asked to contact Det. Belmonte at 614-645-4254 or [email protected]