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Police Respond to Well-Being Check in Circleville, Leading to Arrest of Woman with Several Warrants


Circleville, Ohio (June 24, 2024) – In the early hours of June 24, Circleville Police responded to a well-being check at the Duke & Duchess convenience store, located at 235 E Main St. The call came in at 2:23 a.m., reporting that a woman had been in the store’s bathroom for over an hour without responding to knocks on the door.

Upon arrival, officers knocked on the bathroom door and made contact with the woman, later identified as Rachel Kneece. Kneece exited the restroom quickly and proceeded to the front of the store to speak with her boyfriend. Officers expressed concern for her well-being, but Kneece insisted she was fine, claiming she had been in the bathroom due to diarrhea and menstrual issues.

Officers observed signs of potential narcotic use, including shaking, slurred speech, and drowsiness. When asked if she had taken any substances, Kneece denied it. During the conversation, dispatch confirmed that Kneece had outstanding felony warrants from Vinton County and Hocking County. Informed about the warrants, Kneece claimed ignorance and then suddenly fled towards the back of the gas station.

One of the officers pursued Kneece, quickly apprehending her with a takedown maneuver. Despite being given multiple commands to stop resisting, Kneece continued to struggle, shouting that she couldn’t breathe.

Eventually, officers managed to handcuff Kneece and called for EMS due to her breathing complaints. While searching Kneece, she admitted to having needles in her pocket. Officers found a tied-off baggie containing a brown substance. EMS arrived and began treating Kneece, who continued to drift in and out of consciousness.

Kneece was transported to Berger Hospital for evaluation before incarceration. After being cleared by medical staff, she was taken to the Pickaway County Jail. Initial paperwork issues delayed her admission, but she was eventually accepted without further incident.

Kneece was arrested for her outstanding warrants and faces additional charges of resisting arrest and obstructing official business. The substance found in her possession is undergoing testing to determine its nature, and further charges may follow pending results.