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Back to school means back to safety



As students and their parents prepare for the upcoming school year with trips to the store for supplies and clothes, safety should be on the list for those same students and all of us who travel in a motor vehicle.

It is important to remind our newer drivers to buckle up, not text and drive, and follow recommended speed limits. All drivers can help in this safety initiative by paying attention to students biking or walking to school.

The important message is that all of us in Pickaway County can start the school year off right by making safety a priority.

“This is the time of year where school buses will join the roadways, and motorists need to remember the laws that protect those buses and our young citizens who ride them,” said Teresa C. Carper, Safe Communities of Pickaway County director. “Make sure you yield to these buses and pay attention to those students who are entering or existing this type of motor vehicle.”

Law enforcement will continue to be on alert for violations of safety laws and will work to keep our roadways safe. Students who drive to school must also have a sense of responsibility to themselves and to those friends who ride with them by “Buckling Up Every Trip, Every Time” and remember that to “Stay Alive” they need NOT to “Text and Drive.”

Ohio law prohibits teens from using any type of electronic device when behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

For more information on general safety rules, and suggestions for the beginning of school and throughout the year, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website at www.nhtsa.gov.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal