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February 20

– A resident in the 100 block of East Mill Street reported someone had damaged his vehicle windows. A report was taken on vandalism.

– An officer was dispatched to McCullouch Avenue to meet with a Time-Warner representative about theft of services.

– A resident in the 100 block of South Washington Street reported a male subject in a vehicle playing loud music. Officers were unable to locate.

– A caller reported a vehicle was struck in the parking lot of CVS, and the other party left the scene. A report was taken on a property damage hit-skip.

– Officers responded to a property damage accident in the 100 block of South Pickaway Street.

– Officers responded to a domestic dispute between a father and son in the 100 block of Gale Court. A report was taken.

– Officers took a report on disorderly conduct at the police station.

– A caller reported vehicles were parked too closely around her in the 100 block of West Main Street, and she could not get out of her parking space. The caller’s vehicle showed minor damage, and a report was taken on a property damage hit-skip.

– A resident came to the police station to report a disabled vehicle sitting in traffic on South Court Street near Mill Street. The vehicle was pushed to the side of the road.

– A resident in the 400 block of Faye Avenue reported a known subject kept driving past his home, and it was an ongoing situation. Officers advised if someone drives down the street, it is not considered harassment.

– A caller reported two males in a silver vehicle were pursuing a female in a small green vehicle with a broken driver’s side window southbound on South Washington Street, and the female appeared to be distraught. Officers were unable to locate either vehicle.

– A 911 caller reported his ex-girlfriend was at his place of employment at Sherwin-Williams on North Court Street throwing things and causing a scene, but she then left the store. A report was taken on disorderly conduct.

– A resident in the 400 block of Lancaster Pike reported his TV had been stolen, possibly by a known suspect. A report was taken on theft.

– A caller in the 500 block of Tower Court reported someone had been inside the apartment while they were in the process of moving out. Officers determined there was no break-in, but it was a matter between the caller and landlord.

– A caller reported a disabled vehicle on Lancaster Pike at Stoutsville Pike. The vehicle was moved off the roadway.

– A resident in the 400 block of Half Avenue reported a possible domestic dispute after hearing screaming and crying from a neighboring residence. Officers determined the noise was from a large number of small children in the home. They were advised to keep the noise down.

– A resident in the 100 block of South Western Avenue reported problems with her 12-year-old daughter. A report was taken on an unruly juvenile.

– A caller from Florida reported her former boyfriend was selling her property on the Internet. The caller was advised to contact an attorney for a civil matter.

– A resident in the 100 block of Hayes Court reported a male refusing to leave the residence and causing a disturbance. The officer advised the male willingly left with a friend. A report was taken on a domestic dispute.

February 21

– A caller reported he struck a parked car in the 100 block of Pontious Lane. Both parties agreed to exchange information.

– A resident in the 100 block of Seyfert Avenue reported a water main break flooding the street. The water department was notified.

– A resident in the 1000 block of Mulberry Road reported she received mail stating she owed money to a pawn shop, but she had never been to a pawn shop. She believed a known subject had stolen her identity. She was advised to contact the Columbus Police Department since the incident occurred in Columbus.

– A caller in the 100 block of Logan Street reported a known subject was hitting and kicking her over an argument. Officers reported the caller calmed down and admitted there was no assault. All subjects were advised.

– Officers performed a well-being check in the 1100 block of Atwater Avenue. The subject checked OK.

– A resident in the 100 block of Hayward Street reported a line down in the intersection of Hayward and North Scioto Street. Officers determined it was a cable line, and Time-Warner was notified.

– An officer was flagged down on a report of a child playing in the roadway on a tricycle in the 400 block of East Franklin Street. Officer was unable to locate the juvenile.

– A caller on Meadow Drive reported a vehicle pulling children on sleds behind it. The vehicle was located and the registered owner was advised.

– A caller reported a water main break in the 400 block of East Main Street. The water department advised it was likely a private property break, and the owner should contact a plumber.

– Officers responded to a single-vehicle property damage accident on Stoutsville Pike at U.S. Route 22.

– Natasha N. Burris, 21, was issued a summons for theft after allegedly shoplifting DVDs and other items at Kroger on Lancaster Pike.

– Officers responded to reports of a property damage accident on the railroad tracks on West Main Street.

– Gwen Draise was arrested on outstanding warrants from the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office and Hocking County Sheriff’s Office at the Main Street Pub.

February 22

– A resident in the 100 block of Logan Street reported his house had been broken into, and there were boot prints in the snow. A report was taken on burglary.

– A caller requested to speak with an officer at the Berger Hospital emergency room after a fight in front of Tootle’s on East Main Street about 15 minutes earlier. A report was taken on assault.

– A 911 caller reported a fight between two male subjects at the Main Street Pub. Officer advised there was no fight, just a verbal argument that was resolved before officers arrived.

– A caller reported a fight in the alley behind the Main Street Pub. A report was taken on disorderly conduct.

– Three vehicles were reported in the ditch in the area of East Main Street and Kingston Pike. All three were moved out of the roadway.

– A caller reported a missing stop sign at the intersection of Mowrer and Edgewood Drive. The service department was advised and will place a temporary sign at that location.

– Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call in the 100 block of Evergreen Avenue. The officer was advised of a dispute between a nephew and an uncle. A report was taken on the dispute.

– An employee at UDF on East Main Street reported a possibly intoxicated male driving a blue pickup truck. The officer located the male in the store, and he denied he was driving and left the business. A report was taken on unauthorized use.

– Officers responded to an injury accident on North Court Street at Park Place.

– Officers responded to reports that a female was assaulted by a male in the 800 block of Kingston Pike. The female denied being involved in a dispute or an assault, and no report was taken.

– An employee at the Main Street Pub reported a disturbance with several subjects at the business. Officers responded to the scene, but no report was taken.

– Officers responded to a noise complaint in the 300 block of South Court Street. The resident was advised.

– Officers responded to reports of a vehicle fire at Walmart on South Court Street.

– A resident in the 100 block of West Ohio Street reported she heard someone open her back screen door. Officers checked the area, and there were no fresh tracks in the snow. The scene checked OK.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal