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Annual Tragedy Into Triumph event kicks off March 19



Heritage Nazarene Church will host its annual Tragedy into Triumph series event featuring well-known personalities on March 19-22. This series will show how God can bring triumphant change into our lives even in the midst of tragedy.

The event is free to the public, and the doors will open each night at 6:30 p.m.

Each speaker will focus on real world tragedies that can happen to any of us, and each speaker will be live and in person in Circleville on the night they speak. It will be simulcast nationally. Last year, the simulcast reached over 50,000 people across the United States and Canada.

This event has grown into a movement around the entire nation, and it originated right here in Circleville.

The lineup and speaking times are:

Sunday, March 19:

10 a.m. – Siran Stacy (Triumph)

Former Crimson Tide and NFL running back, will share how God brought triumph to his life through the loss of his wife and four of five children in one night. He will also share strategies on maintaining triumph in our daily lives.

7:30 p.m. – Erin Merryn (Sex Abuse)

Erin Merryn is a nationally-recognized speaker, advocate and published author. Her first book, “Stolen Innocence,” was published before she graduated high school. She is a survivor of child sexual abuse and is the force behind Erin’s Law, a law that requires personal body safety taught in public schools. Erin published “Stolen Innocence” in 2004, People Magazine named her one of 15 people changing the world in 2014, along with Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton. She was named Glamour Magazine woman of the year in 2012. She has appeared on Oprah, CNN, The Today Show and Good Morning America, among others.

Monday, March 20:

7:30 p.m. – Deion Sanders (Depression)

Deion Sanders is considered one of the most versatile athletes in sporting history. Playing multiple position in two major sports, football and baseball, Deion quickly had the nickname “PrimeTime” given to him for always excelling. One day, though, “Prime Time” needed help as he battled a struggle with depression. Deion has now heavily dedicated his life to helping kids. He established the TRUTH Youth Academic & Sports non-profit organization that helps get kids off the streets by bringing them to sports. Through his football summer camp to their baseball, football, soccer, cheerleading and track leagues, the TRUTH has helped thousands of children in the Dallas area.

Tuesday, March 21:

7:30 p.m. – HK Derryberry & Jim Bradford (Disabilities)

According to medical science, HK Derryberry should never have survived. Born July 8, 1990, in Nashville, Tennessee, this two-pound baby boy arrived three months premature due to a single-car crash that took his mother’s life. Because of the accident and his premature birth, he was born blind, with cerebral palsy and countless other medical problems. Raised by his grandmother when his father abandoned him at age 5, HK’s life was forever changed in 1999 when he unexpectedly met Jim Bradford, a local business executive who was married and had two grown daughters. HK and Jim became inseparable, and eventually Jim’s family welcomed him into their lives like an adopted son. After he began exhibiting noticeable evidence of an incredible memory, Vanderbilt University researchers discovered that he was among a handful of people in the world with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM). HK has nearly total recall of every detail and minute of his life since he was 3 ½ years old. Today, HK and Jim’s inspirational message captivates and inspires audiences everywhere. HK’s life is constant reminder that you can accomplish anything you desire by keeping a positive attitude, defining your personal goals, having fun, working hard and never giving up. His audience takeaway is: “the only disability any of us have in life is a negative attitude”.

Wednesday, March 22:

7:30 p.m. – Rebekah Gregory (Terrorism)

Rebekah Gregory is a simple, small-town woman and mother whose life was forever changed due to the events of the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013. This horrible act of terrorism left her as one of the names of the 17 amputees and therefore permanently handicapped at the young age of only 26 years old. Instead of being bitter, Rebekah has used her platform in a huge way by encouraging others worldwide. Speaking out about her story and own daily obstacles, she believes that life’s struggles are not only meant to teach us lessons, but make us better versions of ourselves than before. Rebekah’s delivery with her quick wit and contagious optimism is sure to have everyone feeling inspired and ready to make their own life changes. Outlining her popular phrase, “with every new day comes new hope,” she never fails to leave her audience ready to “change the world.”

* * *

Music for the event will be performed by the JJ Weeks Band, which has opened for everyone from MercyMe to Casting Crowns. Additionally, their music has been featured on the official soundtrack for high-profile films such as God’s Not Dead.

Childcare is provided each night through fifth grade, but it is more than childcare! We are pleased to have Tom “Little Tommy” Toombs with us for a mix of fun, energetic and comedic variety woven together with a powerful Gospel message during every session. Kids will enjoy coming each night to have fun and to make new friends.

For more information visit www.tragedyintotriumph.com or call 740-474-7350.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal