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March 3, 2017:

– Officers responded to reports of a suspicious male standing outside a residence on East High Street. Officers made contact with the subject, who advised he was waiting for his girlfriend to arrive back at the residence. The caller was advised if the male was a welcome guest of the girlfriend, he could not be forced to leave. The landlord later called regarding the same subject and was advised the female tenant could have visitors of her choosing at her home, but if the male, who no longer lived there, caused damage to the property, he could be criminally charged.

– Officers responded to an activated alarm at the Ohio Heights apartment complex. It was determined to be accidental.

– A resident in the 100 block of Villa Drive reported a known subject was acting crazy and tearing her house up, and he had the refrigerator pulled out from the wall. A report was taken on a domestic dispute.

– A resident on East High Street advised her daughter was attempting to leave the residence with baby items the caller believed should stay at her house. Officers advised it was a civil issue.

– A home health care nurse for a client on Weldon Avenue reported the person walking her client’s dog was attacked by a pit bull as he was trying to protect the client’s dog. She advised the dog walker went to Berger Hospital for his injuries. A report was taken on a dog bite.

– A caller from the City of Circleville advised he would be working on some towers that might cause interference. Information was obtained.

– Officers provided a funeral escort to Forest Cemetery.

– A caller on East Mound Street reported she got change the previous night from Speedway, but when her daughter tried to use the money at Tim Hortons, she was told they wouldn’t take it because it was counterfeit. Officers advised it was just a really old bill, and the situation checked OK.

– A caller on Sherwood Court advised her elderly parents received a phone call claiming they won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse, but they had to put some money up front to claim their prize. Information on a telephone scam was forwarded to the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.

– A caller on Dunkel Road reported a scam in which he provided bank account information to fix a virus on his computer. Someone then got into his bank account and transferred money from his savings to his checking account. Then they wanted him to go to Walmart to wire money back to them claiming they had accidentally credited his account too much, when what they did was simply transfer his own money into his account. The Savings Bank told him to file a report.

– A caller on Edgewood Drive advised someone pulled out from the high school driving erratically, then pulled into a driveway and parked. Information was obtained.

– A caller from the Ohio Heights apartment complex reported a male was trespassing after he was told in front of a police officer to leave the premises. A report was taken on trespassing, and the male left the property.

– A caller reported an 8 or 9-year-old boy walking alone in the 1700 block of North Court Street. The called was handled by the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.

– A caller on Walnut Street reported a fight between individuals she lived with, who were all underage and drinking heavily. A report was taken on domestic trouble.

– A resident came to the police station to report she had a minor accident at McDonald’s and exchanged information with the other driver, but she found out later the information was false. She provided a description of the suspect and vehicle, and a report was taken.

– A resident on North Scioto Street reported a young juvenile punched her daughter in the face and ran away. The juveniles were advised of their conduct.

– An employee at Zanzi’s Pizza reported an individual had been dumping trash on the property, including items like old televisions and most recently a swimming pool. A report was taken on theft of services.

– A caller from Appleridge Apartments advised they accidentally gave a substantial amount of money to a scammer thinking they were paying off their vehicle. A report was taken on theft.

– A caller advised the door at Klippers on East Main Street was standing wide open, and they were concerned anyone inside could possibly come to harm. The scene checked OK.

– Officers responded to reports of a garage fire on Sherwood Drive. The scene was handled by the Circleville Fire Department. Extra patrol was requested at the scene overnight.

– A caller reported a sewer line backed up in the alley behind Tuscan Table on North Court Street. The water department was advised.

– A caller from the Budget Host Inn advised two females were causing a disturbance. The individuals left prior to the officer’s arrival.

– A caller from the Holiday Inn Express advised a guest at the hotel was walking around shirtless making uncomfortable remarks and yelling. The subject was advised and left the hotel voluntarily.

– A caller in the 100 block of East Mill Street reported two suspicious juveniles who appeared to be looking to break into a residence or steal something. Officers were unable to locate the juveniles.

– Wendy Nichols was arrested on a warrant in Laurelville.

– A caller advised of a possible domestic dispute in front of Chase Bank on East Main Street. Officers were unable to locate the subjects.

– Dakota Hopkins was arrested for a domestic dispute in which he reportedly pulled out a knife to threaten his brother in the 100 block of Hayward Street.

March 4, 2017:

– Officers responded to an activated alarm in the 1000 block of Ridge Drive. The scene checked OK.

– A caller in the 100 block of Pontious Lane reported a windshield had been damaged. A report was taken on vandalism, and extra patrol was requested.

– A caller advised the railroad crossing gates were malfunctioning at Scioto, Court, Pickaway and Washington streets. Information was obtained, and the railroad was advised.

– A caller reported a possibly stolen scooter was found in the 400 block of South Court Street. A report was taken on found property.

– A caller advised a young child about 5 years old had been left alone in a vehicle at Kroger. The vehicle left prior to the officer’s arrival.

– A caller requested a well-being check on a possibly homeless male who was sitting on the steps of the church on Mill Street with a laundry basket and his head between his knees. Officers located the laundry basket, but the male was not located.

– A resident came to the police station to report a known subject was continuing to harass her through text messages. The officer advised the resident to block the subject’s number.

– An employee at CVS requested an officer do a walk-through of the store because of two suspicious individuals who were making her uneasy. The walk-through was completed, and no report was taken.

– A caller in the 200 block of Huston Street reported a pipe had burst in the residence. The water department was advised.

– Officers responded to reports of an abandoned vehicle in the 400 block of South Pickaway Street.

– A caller advised a truck and trailer had been blocking the alley in the 300 block of South Court Street for about five hours. The subjects checked OK and advised they were getting ready to be on their way.

– Officers performed a well-being check on East Mound Street. The subject checked OK.

– A caller from Tootle’s Pumpkin Inn advised of an intoxicated female outside the business, and the caller was concerned for her safety. The female called for a taxi, and the staff stood by until they arrived.

– A caller in the 900 block of Clinton Street reported someone broke into their residence while they were away. The back door had been kicked in and the residence was trashed, but it appeared nothing was taken. A report was taken on burglary.

– Extra patrol was requested at the Budget Host Inn due to two guests who appeared to be drug addicts. The caller was concerned they would bring traffic into the motel. Information was obtained.

– A male subject was arrested after a caller in the 200 block of West Mound Street reported a male was standing at the bottom of the apartment stairs yelling, screaming and acting belligerent.

– Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call in which the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher could hear two females in the background screaming and one referencing being assaulted by someone at the residence. Officers determined a juvenile had called 911 over being disciplined.

March 5, 2017:

– Officers responded to an activated alarm at Gibby’s on West Main Street. The scene checked OK.

– Officers responded to an alarm company’s report of a smoke alarm coming from the bedroom of a residence on Norfolk Avenue. The alarm company then canceled the call.

– An officer was requested on a report of found property at Taco Bell.

– The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance with a shoplifter fleeing toward the city in the area of the former Everts Middle School on South Court Street. Officers were unable to locate the subject.

– A resident in the 100 block of East High Street came to the police station regarding a dog bite. A report was taken.

– A caller from the Ohio Heights apartment complex requested an officer due to vandalism at one of the apartment units. A report was taken.

– Justin Wade Moody was arrested for domestic violence in the 500 block of South Scioto Street after a caller advised a female kept screaming that a male was hurting and trying to kill her.

– A caller from Rooster’s on U.S. Route 23 advised a male was passed out in his vehicle with a young juvenile in the back. The subject checked OK and had just pulled off to get some rest after eating.

– A caller in the 400 block of Stella Avenue reported six juveniles were playing basketball in the street and were hitting vehicles with the ball. The juveniles were advised.

– Extra patrol was requested on East Mound Street for a residence that had been trashed by former tenants who were showing up and harassing workers attempting to clean it up.

– A caller reported two suspicious males, possibly carrying alcohol, were walking through back yards in the neighborhood claiming to be looking for their dog, but they kept calling out different names. The males were advised to stay off private property, and no alcohol was located.

– A caller advised a male with his pants down around his ankles without underwear was heading northbound on Court Street from the North Court Animal Clinic toward Speedway. Officers were unable to locate the male.

– A caller on Detroiter Avenue reported his neighbor’s music was too loud. The individuals were advised.

– A caller on Gumm Place reported a neighbors dogs had been barking for the past four hours.

– A caller on Parklawn Drive reported a known subject assaulted her and left with her food stamp card. A report was taken.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal