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Presentation draws current, former prosecutors to luncheon


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Pictured (from left) are Judy C. Wolford, P. Randall Knece, William H. Harsha, Richard L. Gerhardt, Roy H. Huffer Jr. and Robert H. Huffer. (Photo by Trish Bennett)

The current Pickaway County Prosecutor joined a group of her predecessors Wednesday for a photo op during a luncheon for the Pickaway County Bar Association.

The association’s June meeting, held at Watt Street Tavern, hosted guest speaker Judge William H. Harsha, former county prosecutor who currently serves on the Fourth District Court of Appeals.

Wednesday’s presentation drew nearly all former Pickaway County Prosecutors since 1960 to the luncheon, and all are still active attorneys and/or judges, with the exception of the late P. Eugene Long, who passed away in 2006.

The line of succession at the Pickaway County Prosecutor’s Office is as follows:

1960-1968: Robert H. Huffer
1969-1972: Roy H. Huffer Jr.
1973-1976: Richard L. Gerhardt
1977-1980: James R. Kingsley
1981-1984: Roger Kline
1985-1988: William H. Harsha
1989-1994: P. Randall Knece
1995-2006: P. Eugene Long
2006-present: Judy C. Wolford

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal