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CODGERTATIONS: ‘Real’ Conservatives


Tom Harker

Ted Cruz and various Talking Heads, among others, are saying Donald Trump isn’t a “real Conservative.” Huh?? I wish they’d be more specific; he seems like a Conservative to me.

Doesn’t like President Obama? Check. Thinks Obama could be a closet Muslim, was born in Kenya, hates America, and wants to impose “Sharia Law”? Check, check, check, and check.

Doesn’t like Mexicans, Latinos, and Muslims? Check, check, check. Is supported by Joe Arpaio and believes that “illegal aliens” are stealing our valuable itinerant fruit and vegetable-picking jobs (when they are not busy raping, killing, and selling drugs)? Check, check, check, check, and check.

Believes we have to rebuild the world’s strongest military so it will be the world’s strongest military? Check. Claims he’ll do that and take proper care of Veterans while he slashes spending and cuts taxes? Check, check, check.

Believes this is a “Christian country”? Check. Reads the Bible (especially Two Corinthians)? Check. Doesn’t like Islam, loves Israel unconditionally, is mad at the Palestinians and is a pal of Netanyahu? Check, check, check, check.

Doesn’t like unions? Check. Wants to help the little people by helping the big money folks? Check. Won’t raise the minimum wage (“we have to be able to compete” with the slave-labor jobs he plans to bring back from China)? Check.

There’s probably more, but isn’t that enough? The guy is a Conservative. So, why are clowns like Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz claiming he’s not a “Real Conservative”? Because that’s all they can say. Almost everything Trump blathers on about is exactly what establishment Conservatives blather on about; so, they can’t attack him on those points. What, then?

They claim he’s a “Populist,” someone who actually tends to do something for the Little People who support him. But that’s an establishment smoke screen; they know that won’t happen. Instead, they worry that Trump will disrupt the established reciprocity between the wealthy and the politicians they own. Trump can’t be controlled, and he just might upset their apple cart. So they say he’s not a “Real Conservative.” Yeah, right.

None of the Republican candidates are “Real Conservatives.” They’re Reactionaries.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal