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Ashville names Ninjas, Rockstars for March



March Ninjas and Rockstars

Every month, Ashville Elementary School recognizes a student in each class as Learning Ninjas and Rockstars.

Students in grades kindergarten through fourth grade are chosen as Learning Ninjas. Students in these grades have set learning goals for the school year. Ashville’s theme is “Be More Awesome.” Students are chosen when they display traits that will get them closer to achieving the learning goal for this year, such as attendance, effort, attitude, work ethic, and never quitting or giving up.

Fifth grade students are chosen as Fifth Grade Rockstars. They are chosen based on these four criteria: school work, teamwork, attitude and respect. Each class has a classroom management behavior chart, and students are chosen if they consistently exhibit good behavior and do not move their clip down on the chart.

The students recognized in March are (from left) bottom row, Parker Wilcox, Owen Grambo, Xavier Clay, Rocelyn Ross, Ava Kirk and Aleyha Hackett; middle row, Ethan Hautala, Bailee Bowen, Gage Nickels, Savannah Nickels, Ben Rolfe and Carson Shirkey; top row, Josh Williams, Ava Cleary, Caroline O’Malley, Madison Kelly, Brandon Allen and Jaice McGuire.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal