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HERE’S WHAT I THINK: Collaboration provides opportunities for local educators


Ty Ankrom

When explaining to people what an educational service center does, it comes down to our middle name: service.

In Pickaway County, we provide services to county schools that they might not be able to offer to students and staff otherwise.

And there are 51 other centers serving the state’s 88 counties. Why not work together?

For the past year or so, Marie Ward, superintendent of the Fairfield County ESC, and I have had some informal conversations about how we can collaborate.

Patti Webb, Pickaway County’s behavior specialist, is serving as a mentor to Fairfield’s new behavior specialist.

From this collaboration, Marie and I started discussing the idea of a joint summer academy. Both of us had organized academies in the past.

This week, Marie and I had a meeting that included two curriculum staff members from each ESC and talked about topics and the idea of inviting a third ESC to join us.

Collaborating allows us to align topics with work that is taking place in the different districts and share resources, something that educational service centers are recognized as leaders at doing.

Of course, the primary goal of the academy is to provide opportunities for educators to learn; become more knowledgeable and better at being able to address student needs; and earn college credit for renewing licenses.

And through collaboration, we’ll give attendees – teachers, administrators and paraprofessionals -an opportunity to choose from a wider selection of workshops.

Our planning will continue with another meeting this month and a hope of having topics, dates and locations solidified by late March.

You can help by letting me know of topics that would benefit you. Send an e-mail to me at [email protected].

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal