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Pickaway Township Fire Department Gears Up for Off-Road Emergencies with New UTV, Thanks to Community Support


The Pickaway Township Fire Department is excited to announce the acquisition of a brand new Utility Task Vehicle (UTV), thanks to the generous support of Norfolk and Southern Railroad, Circleville Eagles, and Amvets. This vital addition to the department’s fleet will significantly enhance its ability to respond to emergencies in off-road and limited-access areas.

A History of Service: UTV 201

While this marks a new chapter for the department’s off-road capabilities, the need for such a vehicle has been steadily growing over the past several years. “We’ve seen an increasing number of incidents requiring intervention in difficult terrain, such as brush fires, ATV accidents, and medical emergencies in remote locations. Having a dedicated UTV allows us to reach those in need much more quickly and effectively.”

Beyond the Pavement: Serving with Versatility

This new UTV, designated UTV 201, boasts the ability to navigate challenging terrain, including mud, sand, and uneven surfaces. This versatility will be crucial in various scenarios:

  • Responding to off-road emergencies: From brush fires to ATV accidents, UTV 201 will allow firefighters to reach victims in remote locations quickly and safely.
  • Conducting search and rescue operations: Its maneuverability and compact size make it ideal for navigating dense brush or narrow trails during search and rescue efforts.
  • Supporting community events: The UTV can be used for crowd control, medical assistance, and equipment transport at community events held in open areas.

Community Support, Paving the Way:

The Pickaway Township Fire Department extends its heartfelt gratitude to Norfolk and Southern Railroad, Circleville Eagles, and Amvets for their invaluable contributions. “Their generosity has made this critical acquisition possible,” shares Chief [Name]. “This UTV represents not just a new vehicle, but a renewed commitment to serving our community with the best possible equipment and resources.”

Looking Ahead: Enhanced Safety and Service

The addition of UTV 201 marks a significant leap forward for the Pickaway Township Fire Department. It empowers them to respond to a wider range of emergencies, reach those in need faster, and ultimately, better serve the community. With continued community support and dedication, the department remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents, both on and off the beaten path.