Home News Pickaway Deputy Bring Shocking end to Alleged Shoplifter with Taser

Pickaway Deputy Bring Shocking end to Alleged Shoplifter with Taser



One woman is in jail after an attempted shoplifting incident at the Circleville Wal-mart. According to Sgt. Barrowman, the suspect was chased from Wal-Mart to the Dollar Tree within Circleville Plaza.

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Law enforcement then deployed a taser to end the chase with the woman. Pickaway Township EMS was on-scene to remove the taser prods from the suspect, where she was then transported to Pickaway County Jail.

She has been formally charged with one count of theft, and one count of resisting arrest, and is currently in the Pickaway County Jail.



  1. Sounds sad they had to use a Taser at the end of the chase, I heard she was on the ground before tazed said 4 witnesses, by 4 sherrifs, unbelievable it was so hard to take her down, hoping for body camera release. Thanks for another fine article.

    • I have participated in detaining and/or arresting hundreds of shoplifters. It is not easy to do if you are trying not to be hurt yourself or not to seriously hurt the shoplifter.

  2. Glad this officer used a taser on her!! If you steal and run from law enforcement you deserve what you get. Way to go officer! Great catch!

  3. The officer is justified in using the taser because she broke the law and then became a fleeing felon. People need to let it be and quit second judging what a law enforcement officer does. The bottom line… be a law abiding citizen and she wouldn’t have to worry about being tased!

  4. The person they arrested has a LONG history of theft, drug offenses and RESISITING. When a person is under an influence there is no telling whay they may do. Why should officers allow anyone (including the suspects) safety be at risk.

  5. Dirty Harry would have shot her and rid society of another failure. But, I guess tasers are more humane for these types.

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