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Pickaway Sheriff Reports on 12/28/19


PICKAWAY – Pickaway reports for 12/28/19

12/28/19 00:52 Suspicious Vehicle S WALNUT ST ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/28/19 00:54 Accidental Call
12/28/19 01:06 Traffic Stop US 23 ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/28/19 01:26 Assist Squad/Fire PARKVIEW DR STOUTSVILLE TFD
12/28/19 01:50 Larceny in Progress S COURT ST CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On December 28th 2019 at 0152 hours this unit was
dispatched to Walmart located at South Court Street,
Circleville Ohio. An anonymous female caller stated a male
and female had just left Walmart with stolen items in their
pants and got into a Green Dodge Charger with a out of state
registration. I made contact with Walmart
employees who stated a male came into the store and
provided them the exact same information and they were
going to check the cameras before nights end. I cleared
Walmart and located the vehicle, Green 2019 Dodge Charger,
Missouri registration turning onto US 23. I
activated my overhead lights stopping the vehicle and making
contact with the driver, who matched the
description of the male subject ( Gray sweat pants and dark
colored hooded sweater ). He had a suspended Ohio
drivers license and 2 warrants for his arrest. Due to his
medical conditions he was released by City of Circleville
Police Department on an OR bond and Grove City Police
Department did not want him for the same reasons.

He stated he had a female with him, when he was at Walmart. I issued him a citation for driving under suspensions and advised
him of his traffic warrant for Grove City, Circleville Police
Department issued him a OR bond and told him to report to
probation Monday morning. The vehicle was moved to the
parking lot of Arby’s and he was advised to call for a
ride. I cleared with no further incident.

12/28/19 02:18 Traffic Stop US 23 ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/28/19 02:36 Traffic Stop US 23 SBPD
12/28/19 02:51 Emergency Squad Run CIRCLEVILLE OH TFD


12/28/19 04:34 Assist Squad/Fire WINDSOR DR KINGSTON PTFD
12/28/19 04:40 Traffic Stop MAIN ST COMMERCIAL OH CPPD

12/28/19 04:44 Suspicious Person US 23 CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On December 28th 2019 around 0444 hours this unit was
dispatched to the area of US 23, Circleville Ohio 43113. The caller, stated there were 2 males in all Black on bicycles in the area. I located both males in front of the Shell gas station located at 24655 US 23, Circleville Ohio 43113. I made contact them, they stated they were out collecting cigarette butts and both had pockets full of them. I asked to search them and their bags, both gave consent. I did not locate anything suspicious, I advised both about the bicycle traffic laws and cleared with no further incident.

12/28/19 05:29 Fire – Grass SCIOTO-DARBY MOUNT OH TCFD
12/28/19 06:29 Traffic Stop HONEY LOCUST COMMERCIAL OH CPPD
12/28/19 06:31 Emergency Squad Run SR 752 ASHVILLE OH HTFD
12/28/19 06:55 Emergency Squad Run SR 762 ORIENT OH STFD
12/28/19 08:08 Accidental Call
12/28/19 08:09 Traffic Stop FRONT ST NEW HOLLAND NHPD
12/28/19 08:37 Accident – Injury WALNUT CREEK GROVEPORT OH HTFD
12/28/19 09:02 Emergency Squad Run TRADEPORT CT LOCKBOURNE OH HTFD
12/28/19 09:47 Alarm Drop – Lifeline VICTORY ST OH WADES
12/28/19 09:57 Traffic Stop NEW HOLLAND OH NHPD
12/28/19 09:59 Traffic Stop WELCH RD COMMERCIAL OH CPPD

12/28/19 11:14 Complaint – Property COMMERCIAL CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

12/28/19 13:12 Accident – Non-Injury SPERRY DR CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/28/19 13:21 Vandalism – Property US 23 CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On December 28, 2019 at 1421hrs. this unit,
was dispatched to  US 23 on report of vandalism to
property. Upon arrival, I spoke with victim who
advised there is a yellow truck with a trailer attached that had
a car sitting on it that has been sitting in the front of her
property since December 22, 2019. She stated the truck is
missing the rear passenger tire and the axle is broken as well.
She stated on yesterday’s date a truck came and picked up
the car and trailer. Victim advised they damaged her
drive-way while attempting to get the trailer unattached from
the truck. She also advised she wanted the vehicle removed
by 1600hrs. this date or she would have it towed off the
Dispatch patched this unit in with the registered owner,
who stated he would be there by 1600hrs. to get the vehicle
removed. He was also advised the property owner would
have it towed if he was not there within that time.
This unit cleared with nothing further.

12/28/19 15:02 Vandalism – Structure GOODMAN ASHVILLE OH PCSO

On December 28, 2019 at 1502 hours this unit was
dispatched to  Goodman Road regarding a gunshot
complaint. Upon my arrival I met with Victims.
They advised they were laying in bed when they heard
something hit their house near their bedroom window. victim
stated she went outside and noticed what looked like damage
from a bullet. victim then stated she had been hearing the
gunshots for quite some time and she was certain it was a
bullet that hit her house. At this time I patrolled the area and
found out the shots were coming from Winchester
Road and I made contact at this residence.
I spoke with Two People, They advised they were shooting in the direction of Goodman Road. I advised them of what had happened and ordered them to stop shooting. They were extremely apologetic and gave me no issue. They were also advised to get a proper backstop to shoot in to if they ever decide to come out and shoot again.

The group was advised of the situation and ordered to stop shooting. They cleaned up and advised they were done. I cleared with no further incident.

12/28/19 15:07 Emergency Squad Run SR 56 E KINGSTON OH TFD
12/28/19 15:08 Motorcycle Complaint RICHARD AVE ASHVILLE OH SBPD

12/28/19 16:02 Fire E BALLARD AVE OH SWPFD

On December 28, 2019 at 1630hrs. this unit,
was dispatched to East Ally and Ballard Avenue due to
Wades Fire Department requesting a Deputy. Dispatch
advised Wades FD was on two separate open burns in the
area. Upon arrival, Wades FD approached this unit and
advised the property owner, stated he came to
Ohio from Florida and realized the neighbor had thrown a
bunch of brush onto his property so He decided to burn it to
get rid of it. Wades FD stated the neighbor residing at
East Alley, stated he would have the remaining
of the brush cleaned up by tomorrow.
This unit made contact with Him and he advised he would
have the neighbors property cleaned up by Sunday. I gave
him a copy of the village ordinance for fires as well. He
stated he would also would not have any more fires.


12/28/19 16:22 Traffic Stop SBPD
12/28/19 16:29 Complaint – Person BRENTON DR ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/28/19 16:30 Traffic Stop WELCH RD COMMERCIAL OH CPPD
12/28/19 16:42 Harassment – Threats or MOCCASIN RD LAURELVILLE OH
12/28/19 16:49 Civil Papers LEXINGTON AVE ASHVILLE OH PCSO
12/28/19 17:04 Civil Papers SR 762 E LOCKBOURNE OH PCSO
12/28/19 17:15 Lock Out HAWTHORNE DR ASHVILLE OH APD
12/28/19 17:26 Emergency Squad Run MOHAVE DR CIRCLEVILLE OH HTFD

12/28/19 17:46 Complaint – Vehicle CIRCLEVILLE PCSO

On 28 December 2019 at 1746 hours this officer was
dispatched to a complaint on a vehicle on Tarlton Rd. This
officer was already in place for it while sitting at the Pickaway
Fire Station. This officer located the vehicle and was able to
get behind the vehicle where I did not observe any violation.
Due to the vehicle pulling into the Captain D’s parking lot I
was not able to complete a traffic stop. I did however step out
for a causal conversation with the driver to which they
checked okay.

12/28/19 18:30 Emergency Squad Run BLACK HOOF ST CIRCLEVILLE OH PTFD
12/28/19 18:30 Emergency Squad Run SR 762 ORIENT OH STFD
12/28/19 18:35 Domestic BORROR RD ORIENT OH CPPD
12/28/19 18:48 Complaint – Vehicle FROM SR 316 PCSO

On December 28, 2019 at 1848 hours this unit along with a
South Bloomfield unit were dispatched to look out for a
possible drunk driver. South Bloomfield and I got the vehicle
stopped at US 23 and Hagerty Road. Upon contact with the
driver, we noticed no signs of impairment.

12/28/19 19:13 Alarm Drop – Residence US 22 W OH PCSO
12/28/19 19:31 Traffic Stop HORSESHOE DR ORIENT PCSO
12/28/19 19:43 Accident – Non-Injury WALNUT CREEK ASH PCSO

On December 28, 2019 at 1943 this unit was dispatched to
Walnut Creek Pike south of Hagerty Road for a vehicle in the
ditch. Upon my arrival I made contact with the driver, who advised she was turning around and backed up
too far and got stuck in the ditch. Fletcher’s was contacted
and later pulled the vehicle out. No damage or injuries were
reported. I cleared with no further incident.

12/28/19 19:53 Traffic Stop PCSO

12/28/19 20:11 Traffic Stop PCSO
12/28/19 20:33 Traffic Stop US 23 SOUTH SBPD
12/28/19 20:52 Complaint – Vehicle S COURT ST CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/28/19 21:10 Traffic Stop LONG ST ASHVILLE OH APD
12/28/19 21:15 SR 56 W CIRCLEVILLE OH WADES

12/28/19 22:08 Complaint – Person S WALNUT ST ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/28/19 22:33 Traffic Stop S /B POST 65 SBPD
12/28/19 22:33 Traffic Stop AT COOKS CREEKSOUTH SBPD
12/28/19 22:43 Traffic Stop CIRCLEVILLE AVE APD
12/28/19 22:52 Complaint – Vehicle US 22 CIRCLEVILLE PCSO

On 28 December 2019 at 2252 hours this officer was
dispatched to Bolender Pontius Rd. southbound from US 22
for a vehicle all over the roadway. This unit was in the area
and was able to quickly respond. This unit did not locate any
vehicle on the roadway in the area. Nothing further.

12/28/19 23:27 Traffic Stop AT LITTLE ASHVILLE SBPD