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Pickaway County – Woman Sentenced to Prison for Burglary after Taking Advantage of Kindness


Pickaway County – A woman broke into a home after a man tried to help her get back on her feet days before.

According to the Pickaway County Sheriff’s office, they were called to the scene of a break-in in November of last year where the victim claimed that his house had been broken into and his wallet, a set of golf clubs, a check, and his weed eater was stolen from inside his house. During the investigation, the victim told deputies that he knew the only person who could have broken in was a female he had tried to help just days ago. He told Deputies that 49-year-old Chasity Moffatt was at his home the night before and the next day when he woke up a 9,000 dollar check was missing from where he put it, he had demanded she help him find the check before she could leave. At that time he had found the check and hid it inside the home.

On the day of the break-in that check was missing along with the other items above, the check found its way into his checking account through an ATM according to his bank. A video from neighbors was found to identify Moffatt as a suspect in the crime.

Last week Moffatt was found guilty in Pickaway County Court for Burglary and was sentenced to 4-6 years in prison and 1,514 dollars in restitution to her victim.