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Pickaway County – Voter Turnout, Highest Primary Turnout in Years, Major Changes Drive People to Polls

Red, White & Bluezzzzzzzz

Pickaway – Over 40% of Pickaway County cast a vote by either early voting or at the polls yesterday and historically those numbers are significantly higher than usual.

According to the Pickaway County Board of Elections, turnout for the 2024 Primart was 40.80% and that’s not usual, but several key Republican races drove people to the polls.

Over the past few years Primary turnout has been closer to half of that number, in 2023 voter turnout was only 10.51%, In 2022 23.52%, in 2021 2.22%, and in 2020 23.03%.

A highly contested Sheriff race with the Incumbent Republican Sheriff Hafey being the winner in a very close race currently doesn’t have a Democrat or an Independent challenging him in the Fall election. A series of Levies and Bonds in Circleville and Teays Valley that both failed also drove voters who were concerned to the polls. Another significant race was the Pickaway County Judge race, the Republican Seat for US Senator that incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown holds. That seat could flip in November, in what is expected to be a toss-up race that could swing the balance of the Senate. All of those results for Pickaway County are below

With a Presidential election in the fall and a significant US Senate run, I would expect that Fall Elections and Stumping will heat up over the next few months in Ohio.