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Pickaway County Training Academy Death Being Investigated as a Reckless Homicide


Pickaway County, OH – The Pickaway County community is reeling from the devastating news of a fatal shooting incident that occurred at the Corrections Training Academy in Orient. The incident, classified as a reckless homicide, has left a void in the law enforcement community.

According to an Ohio State Highway Patrol incident report, the victim of the shooting has been identified as Lieutenant Rodney Osborne. The report indicates that the fatal shooting is being investigated as a reckless homicide, a third-degree felony. However, crucial details surrounding the identity of the shooter and the circumstances of the incident have been redacted from the report.

In a statement released by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, it was revealed that West Regional Special Operations Commander David Pearson was placed on administrative leave on April 10th in connection with Osborne’s death. The statement underscores the gravity of the situation and the ongoing investigation into the tragic event.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSP) held a press conference later in the day to provide further insight into the incident. According to OSP, the fatal shooting was accidental and occurred during a training exercise at the Orient training shooting range. Lt. Osborne was inadvertently shot in the chest during the exercise, leading to his tragic demise.

Lt. Rodney Osborne was a highly esteemed member of the law enforcement community, having recently been honored as Correction Officer of the Year. With 13 years of dedicated service, Lt. Osborne played a vital role in the Special Response Team (SRT) unit.

The OSP expressed deep sorrow over the loss of Lt. Osborne, emphasizing that the incident was a tragic accident. They assured the public that a comprehensive investigation is underway to unravel the circumstances surrounding the shooting and provide closure to the grieving community.