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Pickaway County – 2024 Spring Construction Will Cause Delays Getting in and Out of Circleville Again


Circleville – For the past several years the City of Circleville residences have dealt with major closures and road construction to several of its high-traffic areas causing people to completely change how they come and go from the City, 2024 will also be impacted by construction.

Over the last several years we have seen several major projects replacing two bridges in the area, one on North Court street by the downtown area and another at the US-23 and North Court intersection, we have had a roundabout built on Walnut Creek Pike, and a major reconstruction of the Circleville Downtown 22/56 and US-23 Cloverleaf area. Most of these projects were not planned by the City of Circleville, some were County, State, and Railroad. This new project is also one that is out of the city’s hands.

Jim Stanley Director of Public Service told us that these projects just happened to line up and that the City doesn’t have much control over them, but the city benefits with state money projects.

SR 56 and U.S. 22 Resurfacing will cause lane closures on both East and West in the City. West they will resurface the roadway between the cloverleaf to 22/56 split. East they will reconstruct the roadway east of Kingston Pike due to slope erosion issues and then resurface that area of the city heading east. The construction will last until fall, and some of the city’s annual roadway monies will be used for various items during the resurfacing. Delays will be expected in those areas throughout the construction.