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Pickaway County – Shop with a Cop a Huge Success for Local Youth


Pickaway County – Sheriff Matthew Hafey said that this year’s shop with a cop was bigger than he has ever seen, with the local community raising over 5000 dollars to give back just before Christmas.

Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office, the Pickaway County Prosecutor’s Office, the Circleville Police Department, the Commercial Point Police Department, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the Ohio Investigative Unit participated in Shop with a Cop. In total over 50 children participated and had their own personal officer shop with them.

“This is one of the most amazing things we do every year. I think that the deputies officers and troopers enjoy it more than what the kids do,” said the Sheriff, ” We just love to see the smiles on the children’s faces.”

Ohio State Highway patrols Lt. Caplinger said that he wouldn’t miss the event either, “I’ll just say that, you know, especially when you’re celebrating Christmas, Jesus’s birthday, it makes you count all your blessings. Today I got the hang out with Sophia Nathan and Bella and they’re a blessing. You know that the sheriffs are the best. We get more out of this than the kids. What a blessing to see. You know, so many people contribute to this for our community. It says a lot about the community and the donations. We just really appreciate all that and it’s an honor and a privilege to come spend the day with these kids. Have a Merry Christmas!”

Commercial Point Police Chief Adam Jordan said, “Outside of just obvious, you know, the Christmas gifts this year, it gives them a positive way to interact with law enforcement officers. There were occasions that some of the children when I have been around law enforcement, could have been out of a traffic accident, it could have been out of a maybe a situation at their home to where we’ve had to take law enforcement action. So it’s good that we’re able to meet with them outside of those law enforcement interactions before and get to see that where people that we are not just a walking uniform without a person in it.”

Circleville Police Department also lent a helping hand with Sergeants Jon Farrelly and Kenny Fisher, “Today’s Shop with a Cop event was more than gifts; it was a celebration of unity and compassion. Law enforcement stood side by side, fostering joy, and forging connections with our community’s youth. Together, we’re creating brighter futures and stronger bonds for a safer, more connected tomorrow. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Circleville Police Department.”

Funding for this year’s event came from Foundations for Youth 1,500 dollars for 15 kids, 3,750 from the men’s club, and women’s aux 500, and 250 individual donations funded 33 kids. No Shave/Wear Color Fingernails November/December fundraiser at the Pickaway Sheriff’s office contributed to another 2600 dollars for more kids in need and was outside of the Shop with a Cop event.