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Pickaway County Sheriff Welcomes New K-9 Kahn

Photo: Pickaway County Sheriffs office

PICKAWAY – Pickaway Sheriff is reporting that they have a new k-9 member ready for duty.

Deputy Bowers who is a school resource officer at Teays Valley School District will be teaming up with K-9 Kahn for explosive detection within the schools. Currently The Sheriff Department has one other K-9 trained in bomb detection, K9 Micheal Blue.

Kahn is a 2 1/2 year Belgian Malinois came from the same k-9 trainers as a majority of the K9s in Pickaway County. k-9 officer Bowers received training and now is ready for duty.

Pickaway Sheriffs office now has five dogs:

  • Deputy Thomas D.A.R.E. officer and his K9 partner, Michael Blue is a certified bomb detection dog for the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office who serves double duty with the D.A.R.E. program.
  • Sgt Kyle Eveland and his K9 partner Edguy drug sniffing patrol response dog
  • Joris and Cpl. Stephen Harger respond to calls and handle reports as any other patrol deputy.
  • Rob Morningstar and K9 officer Harry defined by Morningstar as the “swiss army knife of K9’s” and his “fur missile” Harry also is a drug sniffing patrol response dog.