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Pickaway County Sheriff Reports for 12/24/19


PICKAWAY – Pickaway County Reports for 12/24/19.


12/24/19 00:03 Traffic Stop US 23 PCSO
12/24/19 03:26 Bad Check or Forgery S WALNUT ST ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/24/19 04:00 Traffic Stop US 23 ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/24/19 04:03 Emergency Squad Run NELSON DR ASHVILLE OH HTFD
12/24/19 06:19 Traffic Stop FRONT ST COMMERCIAL CPPD
12/24/19 06:39 Accident – Non-Injury SR 56 E CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/24/19 06:43 Accidental Call SR 56 E CIRCLEVILLE OH
12/24/19 06:52 Accident – Non-Injury WALNUT CREEK ASHVILLE OH
12/24/19 06:56 Accident – Non-Injury CIRCLEVILLE PCSO
12/24/19 07:14 Accident – Non-Injury LOCKBOURNE
12/24/19 07:16 Accident – Non-Injury SR 104 CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/24/19 08:07 Accident – Injury MOCCASIN RD LAURELVILLE OH TFD
12/24/19 08:17 Emergency Squad Run WINSTEAD RD CIRCLEVILLE OH CCFD
12/24/19 09:00 Accident – Injury LAURELVILLE OH TFD

12/24/19 09:19 Harassment – Threats or DUVALL RD ASHVILLE OH PCSO

On 12-24-2019 at 0923 hours, this unit was dispatched to
Duvall Road lot 127 to meet dad about a harassment issue his daughter, was having. I spoke with Dad and he advised they have a protection order against Elijah Kemp and he was texting
his Daughter, violating the protection order. Elijah violate term
number 6 stating he should not have contact with either of the
protected parties. Dad showed me screenshots his Daughter
had sent him that showed the contact Elijah was having with
Her. His Daughter responded one time, and it was a picture of the
protection order. Elijah stated in the text, “Luckily that dont
affect me.” Elijah also made several sexual related
comments about his daughter that are inappropriate for a sixteen
year old girl to be receiving. Elijah is his Daughters mother’s
ex-boyfriend. The Juvenile was not present during my time there due to being at a relatives residence.
This unit will be filing charges for violation of a protection
order and to have a warrant issued for his arrest.

12/24/19 09:40 Larceny in Progress MILL ST OH PCSO

On 12-24-2019 at 0940 hours, this Unit responded to Mill
St. Family Dollar reference a Theft. I met with employee. The employee advised they observed two males grab items that
were on display and some other unknown electronic
equipment; then ran out of store. The males sped off in a red
hatchback style vehicle unknown make. Employee provided a plate number but it did not match up. Lori advised they will contact us when they see the suspects and/or suspect vehicle again.

12/24/19 10:05 Traffic Stop NEW HOLLAND OH NHPD
12/24/19 10:05 Suspicious Person SR 752 ASHVILLE OH APD
12/24/19 10:09 Emergency Squad Run LEXINGTON AVE ASHVILLE OH HTFD
12/24/19 10:14 Larceny US 23 CIRCLEVILLE OH
12/24/19 10:14 Emergency Squad Run NELSON DR ASHVILLE OH HTFD
12/24/19 10:51 EMD LONG ST HTFD
12/24/19 10:56 Alarm Drop – Residence N EAST ST NEW HOLLAND OH NHPD
12/24/19 11:15 Follow Up SR 104 ASHVILLE OH PCSO
12/24/19 11:21 Accidental Call STOUTSVILLE OH
12/24/19 11:24 Accident – Injury SR 752 ASHVILLE OH PCSO

12/24/19 11:28 Drug Complaint CIRCLEVILLE CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On 12-24-2019 at 1135 hours, I stopped a vehicle on S.
Pickaway Street at Fourth Street on a narcotic’s complaint,
and due to the registration advising to have a Peace Officer to
Confiscate the Registration. I made contact with the driver,
Alicia Farleigh, who advised she had just picked up her 2
friends in the back the vehicle. I had all the occupants get out
of the vehicle, later deployed my K9 partner, Joris, for a free
air narcotic’s sniff around the vehicle. Joris alerted to the odor
of narcotic’s coming from the vehicle. Upon search of the
vehicle, I found a small black bag, inside was 3 hypodermic
syringes inside, with other drug paraphernalia. Alicia advised
it was her boyfriends bag but it was inside her purse. Alicia
was later transported to the Pickaway County Jail.

12/24/19 11:32 Larceny US 23 CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On 24 December 2019 Victim came to the Sheriff’s
Office to report that his wallet had been stolen from the Pilot
Truck Stop on 12/23/2019 at approximately 0815 HRs.
Victim stated that he stopped to get fuel and must have
dropped his wallet when he left. He checked back with the
clerk who stated that his wallet had not been turned in.
The wallet was a brown Remington brand wallet that
contained his Driver’s License, CCW permit from Franklin
County, a Fifth/Third debit card that he has already cancelled,
and an expired Army ID card. There are no known suspects
at this time.

12/24/19 11:39 Larceny From Vehicle ALLEN ST OH PCSO

On 12-24-2019 at 1134 hours, this Unit responded to the
Allen Street in reference a Theft. I met with Victim
that stated someone ransacked their vehicles overnight
and some headphones were stolen. Victim advised
nothing else appeared to be missing, both vehicles were left
unlocked. I cleared the scene.

12/24/19 11:51 Emergency Squad Run JACKSON RD KINGSTON OH TFD
12/24/19 11:55 Disabled Vehicle ERA RD MOUNT OH PCSO

On 12-24-2019 at 1254 hours, this Unit responded to 13643
Era Rd., Blackwoods Tavern reference a disabled vehicle. I
met with employee. Employee advised the
vehicle was on the lot when she opened this morning. The
vehicle  appeared to be involved in an accident and
was left abandoned on the lot disabled. The vehicle was
parked in the middle of the lot, obstructing other patrons from
parking. Unknown where the crash occurred. I requested a
tow to have it removed due to being involved in accident and
have a hold on it until someone claims being involved. A&J
towing took possession of the vehicle.

12/24/19 12:10 Smoke Investigation MADISON AVE ASHVILLE OH HTFD
12/24/19 12:34 Emergency Squad Run S EAST ST NEW HOLLAND OH NHFD
12/24/19 12:58 Emergency Squad Run MOHAVE DR CIRCLEVILLE OH PTFD
12/24/19 13:40 Traffic Stop WALNUT CREEK PCSO
12/24/19 14:03 Disabled Vehicle SR 752 ASHVILLE OH

12/24/19 14:10 Animal Call WALNUT CREEK ASHVILLE OH PCSO

On 12-24-2019 at 1408 hours, this unit was clearing a call at
SR-752 when I saw a dog in the roadway in front of
SR-752 that was almost hit two times by vehicles. This
unit drove down the road and was able to get the dog back on
his property. This unit retrieved the dog and was able to put it
into the residence for the elderly owner. Nothing further to
report at this time.

12/24/19 14:18 Complaint – Person S WALNUT ST CIRCLEVILLE OH SBPD
12/24/19 14:20 Emergency Squad Run COURT ST CIRCLEVILLE OH PTFD
12/24/19 14:27 Accidental Call CIRCLEVILLE
12/24/19 14:57 Alarm Drop – Business TARLTON RD CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On 12-24-19 this unit was dispatched to the Cross Roads
Church on an alarm to the front door. I checked al the doors
on the building and all was secure.

12/24/19 15:03 Emergency Squad Run SR 762 ORIENT OH STFD
12/24/19 15:20 Emergency Squad Run VALENTINE RD PTFD
12/24/19 15:33 Traffic Stop US 22 CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/24/19 15:43 Hot Rodder/Speeder PCSO

On 12-14-19 this unit was dispatched to watch for two
Mustangs that were traveling southbound on Rt 23 from north
of Circleville. OPS had a report that the two vehicles were
drag racing.
I set up at Rt 23 and Neville St. I did not see either vehicle go

12/24/19 15:43 Accident – Hit/Skip US 62 ORIENT OH PCSO
12/24/19 16:01 Emergency Squad Run STATE PARK RD CIRCLEVILLE OH CCFD
12/24/19 16:04 Suspicious Vehicle WALNUT CREEK PCSO
12/24/19 16:18 Lock Out HAWTHORNE DR ASHVILLE OH APD
12/24/19 16:21 Alarm Drop – Residence ZANE TRAIL RD CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On 12-24-19 this unit was dispatched to  Zane Trail Rd
on a home alarm. I was met by the neighbor who was house
setting. He had put the mail inside and forgot the alarm was

12/24/19 16:50 Complaint – Person HEMINGWAY DR ASHVILLE OH APD
12/24/19 17:13 Traffic Stop SR 762 LOCKBOURNE PCSO
12/24/19 17:23 Animal Call SR 762 LOCKBOURNE OH
12/24/19 17:26 Alarm Drop – Panic SOUTH ASHVILLE OH PCSO

On December 24, 2019 at 1729 hours this unit was
dispatched to South Bloomfield Royalton Road
regarding a panic alarm. Prior to my arrival I was canceled by
the alarm company.

12/24/19 17:36 Traffic Stop LOCKBOURNE OH SBPD
12/24/19 18:36 Complaint – Vehicle CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On 12-24-19 this unit was advised to look out for a blue Jeep
Wrangler type vehicle northbound on Rt 23 from Sperry Dr.
The complaint was high speed with no lights on. I set up at
the cross over by Fletchers Towing. I did not see the jeep go

12/24/19 18:48 Vandalism – Structure S PICKAWAY ST CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO

On 12-24-19 this unit met with Victum. Victum stated
that about two or three months she was wakened by
someone kicking in her front door. She got up and found her
entrance door broken away from the hinges. Victum said she
put the door back up but it won’t stay without falling off.
Victum did not file a report when this happened.
Victim does not know who her landlord is.

12/24/19 20:19 Complaint – Gun HEDGES VIEW DR ASHVILLE OH PCSO

On December 24, 2019 at 2019 hours this unit was
dispatched in the area of Hedges View Drive regarding
multiple gun shots. Caller advised he
believed the shots came from Hedges View Drive. I
made contact with A person at that address and he
advised he got a new gun for Christmas and they were
shooting it into their dirt mound. I cleared with no further

12/24/19 20:31 Emergency Squad Run MILLPORT ST ASHVILLE OH HTFD

12/24/19 21:35 Accident – Hit/Skip US 23 PCSO
12/24/19 21:55 911 Hang Up RIVER BEND DR ASHVILLE OH SBPD
12/24/19 21:58 Complaint – Property SR 56 W CIRCLEVILLE OH PCSO
12/24/19 22:51 Disabled Vehicle AND SR 56 CIRCLEVILLE PCSO
12/24/19 23:00 Traffic Stop W MAIN ST ASHVILLE OH APD
12/24/19 23:06 Complaint – Person HARRISBURG RD ORIENT OH PCSO

oN 12-24-2019 at 2329 hours, this unit was dispatched to
Gulick Rd for an unresponsive female. Upon my arrival I
was met in the driveway by the home owner. I went to the
back yard were the female was laying on a table. (boyfriend) was performing CPR on the female. Officer and Boyfriend rotated back and forth performing CPR. They
could not advise whether or not the female had ingested
drugs. They stated just prior to her becoming unresponsive
she went to the bathroom. Prior to EMS arriving I
administered one dose or narcan. EMS arrived and took the
female  to the back of the squad.
Prior to the squad leaving the female became responsive.