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Pickaway County Sheriff Race May Not Be Over… Yet


Pickaway – Sheriff Hafey has unofficially won re-election over Dale Thomas but only by 136 votes, and that’s not a lot when you have a total of 10,948 votes, but there are 182 votes still out there that could tip the scales or even force a recount.

According to the Pickaway County Election office, these are the unofficial results that are pending still 182 votes, 65 are mail ballots that have not been returned, and 117 are provisional ballots. These will all be sorted out within the next week and a certification will happen next Friday. With the mail ballots they have to be postmarked by today’s date or before to be counted, according to the BOE only about 10% of these come in, but they are legal votes. The next group is provisional ballots these are in question of a voter’s eligibility and were cast but not counted until election officials can verify the voter’s eligibility to vote in the particular precinct at that election. These according to the Election office have a much higher count rate at around 50% or higher.

Why that matters? There is enough votes to put this race tighter or even overturn this election, there is also enough ballots that could possibly count to force a recount by the Board of Elections. According to the official laws, “A recount must be ordered by the appropriate election officials for any district, county , municipal, or township election if the difference between votes cast for the declared losing nominee, candidate, question or issue, and the declared losing nominee,
candidate, question or issue is equal to or less than one-half of one percent (0.5%) of the total votes cast on the candidate contest, question or issue.

Currently the different in votes does not force a recount, but after counting the extra votes in question, it could. Thomas could also request a recount if it is outside the 0.5% at his cost.

Plain in simple this race may be to close to officially call, we will keep you up to date.