Home News Pickaway County Responds to Walmart Theft, Subsequent Drug Overdose at Chipotle

Pickaway County Responds to Walmart Theft, Subsequent Drug Overdose at Chipotle


On March 24, 2024, law enforcement officers were dispatched to Walmart in response to a report of theft involving a male and a female under-ringing items at the checkout line. Deputy Collins #42 and his colleague swiftly responded to the call, anticipating the apprehension of the suspects by Walmart’s theft prevention team.

As the officers approached the scene, they received information that the female suspect had fled the store, leaving her male counterpart still at the checkout line. Upon Deputy Collins’ arrival, the female suspect attempted to evade capture by hiding behind a nearby vehicle, while the male suspect attempted to make a swift exit upon spotting the officers.

After the male suspect, later identified as Jonathan Hall, fled into the vicinity of Chipotle, Deputy Collins and his colleague pursued him. With the assistance of pedestrians, the officers located Hall inside the restaurant’s restroom. Despite repeated requests to exit the premises, Hall remained uncooperative, claiming to be occupied with personal matters.

Backup officers, including Deputy Rubio #26 and Officer Sanford, were summoned to the scene to assist in Hall’s apprehension. However, upon gaining access to the restroom, they discovered Hall sitting on the toilet, exhibiting suspicious behavior.

During a subsequent search, law enforcement recovered a .22lr revolver concealed in the restroom’s trashcan, along with a black purse containing ammunition. Additionally, a baggie containing a clear crystal substance resembling methamphetamine was found in the restroom.

As the officers continued their investigation, Hall admitted to snorting fentanyl while inside the restroom, raising concerns of a possible overdose. Promptly recognizing the severity of the situation, Deputy Collins administered naloxone, a life-saving drug, to Hall’s nostrils in an attempt to reverse the effects of the overdose.

Despite initial resistance from Hall, the officers successfully administered the drug, ultimately preventing a potentially fatal outcome. Hall was subsequently transported to Berger Hospital for further medical attention.

The investigation remains ongoing as authorities continue to gather evidence and assess the circumstances surrounding the incident.